K-bodycare: Skincare for the whole body

K-beauty is well known for skincare for the face, but what about the rest of the body? It is easily forgotten but can, just like the face, have its own needs and problems and benefit from extra care and attention.

Whether you want to maintain your summer bronze or help a dry winter skin, hydration is always important, it can not be stressed enough and applies to all skin types and conditions. And why should you keep skincare to the face only? At least the neck and décolleté, we recommend that you look after in your daily routine as an extension of facial care, body parts that are also exposed to stress and need to be cleaned and moisturized. Not least, they should also be provided sunscreen.

In our range, you will find both pure body products but also multifunctional products that suit both face and body. Let's talk K-bodycare!

Supple Preparation All-Over Lotion from Klairs

As the name suggests, this is a lotion which can be used for several things and areas. It is essentially a perfume-free, emollient body cream that provides long-lasting hydration without smudges, and it sinks quickly into the skin. It suits all skin types, even the most sensitive skin and the younger family members.

Why not try using it as a lighter day cream for the face, as a hand cream or to get control of bushy, fluffy hairs?

Vegan Kombucha Coffee Bean Body Scrub from Dr. Ceuracle

Here we have aromatic and calming bodyscrub which through the wonderful combination of recycled coffee beans and kombucha gently but effectively exfoliates the body through microbubbles that occur when the scrub is mixed with water.

Because of its low pH value, it removes oil and dirt from the body without drying out and it is a deep cleanser for pores because it contains extracts from the plant butterfly vine. Through the fermented tea kombucha, it is rich in probiotics, which strengthens the skin barrier and releases toxins.

Vegan Kombucha Tea Creamy Wash Bar from Dr. Ceuracle

From the same series as the coffee-scented body scrub, we find this multifunctional cleansing soap which is just as suitable for the body as for the face and in fact also the hair where it cleans without drying out. Perfect and smooth on the go!

It has a faint, natural scent of eucalyptus oil that gives a relaxing effect and it cleanses and gives mild exfoliation through AHA acid which effectively removes dead skin cells. The fact that it contains the probiotic-rich kombucha means that it cleanses and moisturizes deeply and nourishes the skin.

Daily Skin Softening Water and Daily Skin Hydrating Water from Klairs

We are used to using toner for the face to cleanse and moisturize the skin as an early step in our skin care routine, but what about toner for the body? From Klaris we find two toners with a watery and thin consistency in a generous size of as much as 500 ml per unit. They fit perfectly to the body; one has more exfoliating properties and one deeply moisturizes.

Daily Skin Softening Water gently exfoliates the skin as it removes dead skin cells through natural and mild AHA acid without drying out the skin. It is refreshing, soothing and causes no irritation and is especially suitable for those who experience clogged pores on, for example, the back. 

Daily Skin Hydrating Water provides with deep and long-lasting hydration through, among other things, green tea water. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and therefore suits all skin types extra well during the summer, or those who generally prefer a lighter toner.

Use them in combination or individually after bath / shower / cleanser to lock in moisture to the skin before using body lotion. With us you can buy them as one discounted kit or separately - they are great for the face too!

Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Angel Wing Gua Sha from GLOWiD

Of course, K-bodycare also include a relaxing time for the body where tools are excellent for the purpose where they also fulfill a function.

With a facial roller and gua sha you increase blood circulation and cell renewal in the body, reduce swelling through lymph drainage and give the body a pleasant massage. Where the facial roll is more gentle and shallow, the gua sha can be more profound. Use them together with a serum, essence or cream to get a good glide that does not pull on the skin.

Upper body:
Use over the décolleté, on sore muscles in the neck, temples and tense jaws to relieve stress and tension in the body.

Lower body:
Roll over swollen calves, tense gluteal muscles or use as a spot treatment to help the body recover after a workout.

Multi Cream from CLE

This handy tube is exactly what it sounds like - a multifunctional cream! Due to its rich and luxurious texture, it can be used on all areas of the body that are in need of extra care. A handy size and flexible tube that does well in the handbag, desk and bedside table.

Dry elbows, itchy hands, cracked cuticles, bushy hair ends and the face get a proper moisture boost through this cream because it contains hyaluronic acid, shea butter and niacinamide. Multi Cream is suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin.

Sheet masks from GLOWiD

A sheet mask is, as many people know, made for the face with holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. Its disposable packaging is filled with an essence that, depending on the variety, has a different focus: hydration, relief, glow, smoothing of skin tone or counteracting wrinkles.

When it comes to GLOWiD's own sheet masks we have had more than just the face in mind. The packaging contains generous amounts of essence where the idea is that what's not absorbed in the face can be used for the rest of the body!
After putting your sheet mask on your face, spread the rest of the essence in the packaging over your body to give it moisture and a glow boost. Use with advantage before your body cream! Our own sheet masks are available in 10-packs or singles.

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