Cool your skin with Cooling Skincare

In the high and late summer heat, the skin easily becomes extra hot, which can be followed by various complaints. Through what is called Cooling Skincare, you can give the skin the relief it needs through thin, cooling textures, gel products and cooling sheet masks. Perfect as after sun or after a laser treatment!

Cooling products are also pore-contracting because the pores expand with heat, and thus they shrink slightly when cold is added. All skin types benefit from using Cooling Skincare when needed, but especially a more sensitive skin type and that which often becomes red, swollen and experiences irritation. It is also well suited for the more oily skin type or combination skin that prefers light and thin textures.

Nice gel creams

Vitamin Tree Water Gel from I'm From is a balancing moisturizer with a gel formula. It is anti-inflammatory, soothing and skin-smoothing at the same time as it cools nicely. The ingredient Niacinamide counteracts fine lines and enlarged pores and improves skin elasticity. Can be advantageously used as a night mask with a thicker layer that is washed off in the morning.

Cica Regen 95 Soothing Gel from Dr. Ceuracle consists of 95% centella asiatica (cica), which immediately soothes and calms the most irritated skin. This fragrance- and pigment-free gel cream is a real savior in times of need for those with sensitive skin who want a quick and cooling effect. It quickly sinks into the skin without leaving it with a dry feeling and also gives a nice shine and glow.

Hydrium Green Tea Aqua Soothing Gel from COSRX is enriched with green tea and aloe vera extract, which quickly soothes irritated or hot skin. The consistency is cooling, fast absorbing and the cream directly gives the skin the relief and hydration it needs.

In case of burnt and damaged skin

For skin that has already been damaged, heated or burned Midnight Blue Calming Cream from Klairs gives immediate relief. It protects the skin against further stress and can be used directly on the damaged area as a spot treatment or over the entire face where it increases cell renewal, which speeds up healing and prevents scars.

In the long term, it effectively counteracts surface dryness. Suitable for all skin types; the most sensitive skin with, for example, rosacea or an acne-prone skin type that wants to heal and prevent acne breakouts. Available in both 30 ml (can) and 60 ml (tube).

PLC Erystop Gel from Dr. Ceuracle is specially developed to be used after a laser treatment (Post Laser Care) but works just as well on sunburned skin. The gel formula is quickly absorbed by the irritated skin, which provides immediate relief. Proteins build up and strengthen the damaged skin barrier, and honey extract nourishes and moisturizes. In combination with the aforementioned Cica Regen 95 Soothing Gel, the most affected skin receives maximum, effective and quick relief.

For puffy eyes

Do you often wake up with puffy, swollen eyes that are crying out for something cooling? Then is Hyal Reyouth Hydrogel Eye Mask from Dr. Ceuracleproduct for you. These eye masks/eye patches are enriched with six different hyaluronic acids and vitamin B5 for maximum long-term hydration for the sensitive eye area. The gel that the masks are made of has an immediate cooling effect and perks up tired eyes, especially if they are kept in the fridge.

The gel eye cream Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel from Klairs is like a cup of coffee for the eyes! Caffeine and red bean extract reduce swelling and counteract dark circles, it can also be used as a spot treatment on the face on pigment spots for the same effect. The eye gel gives a cooling sensation and sinks easily into the skin and therefore fits perfectly under make-up.

Cooling sheet masks

Sheet masks are excellent to keep in the fridge and can quickly relieve irritated and hot skin after a day in the sun:

Use after cleansing for 10-20 minutes and pat the remaining essence into the skin before continuing with your routine.

Cooling tools

Cryo Cooling Tool from Dr. Ceuracle is the cooling tool that suits all skin types in need of quick relief and is stored in the fridge or freezer for at least 3 hours before use.

The tool can be used on its own but is best in combination with a cooling gel or sheet mask to reduce friction on the skin.
If your skin is sensitive to direct cold, use it for a shorter time and store it only in the refrigerator. Gently press the tool against the face and massage with small circular movements.

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