Everything you need to know about Gwang - for natural glow and radiance

Korean skincare is often synonymous with a number of concepts that easily become temporary trends, but are in fact result-based phenomena that the Koreans themselves see as an obvious part of their everyday life and skin care routine.

Now we will go deeper into the phenomenon of Gwang, a term that describes a natural glow and a skin that is basically smooth, soft and supple. It can be achieved by all skin types regardless of the starting point where thorough hydration is the most basic prerequisite for a healthy skin with a lot of gwang.

It is also an umbrella concept for several subcategories that we will of course guide you through so that you can find the gwang that suits you and the products that give you what you want!

At first glance, they can be experienced very similarly to each other, which they often are, but they are adaptable and result in different effects. On a spectrum, different types of gwang range from a more discreet glow to the hyperglossy and mirror-shiny skin.

Chok-gwang for dewy and plump skin

By incorporating the phenomenon of shock-shock skin, which we at GLOWiD mentioned before, within gwang, you want moisturized, plump skin that gives a dewy (not sweaty!) impression.

A skin with shock-gwang thus looks as if it has just been lost, which is something that gives a direct effect. By having a mist standing on your desk, bedside table or in your handbag, you can give your skin an extra moisture boost during the day to keep it healthy and hydrated.

plump, dewy, lost

With us you will find the moisturizing and sebum balancing

All In One Mist from Hyggee. Through birch sap and hyaluronic acid, it has a calming effect on hot, red or irritated skin. A light mist that quickly sinks into the skin and provides a cooling shower!

From Klairs we find antioxidant-rich Fundamental Ampoule Mist. It revives tired skin in need of a nutritional boost and has serum-like (ampoule / ampoule = highly concentrated serum) properties, which makes it extra powerful and that it lingers on the skin for a while before it sinks in. An instant glow and shock-gwang in a mist, quite simply!

Kkul-gwang for honey-like radiance

Imagine spreading an even, thin layer of honey over your skin - there you have kkul-gwang. Does that sound a little fancy? It does not have to be!

With kkul-gwang, you want a shiny skin with a glossy glow that is reminiscent of the honey's texture and shine. It also gives the impression of being smooth, soft and supple, just like honey! The goal is not to be perceived as greasy or oily, but with a healthy glow.

: honey-like, soft, nutritious

Using propolis-based products is a very good way to achieve this form of luster, as propolis is the by-product that bees create to seal their hives and keep them free from virus and bacterial infections. For the skin, it provides nourishment, elasticity and radiance at the same time as it is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, which is extra great if you are tampas with acne-prone skin.

With us, you will find, among other things, our Propolis & Honey-kit which contains everything you need to nourish, glow and kkul-gwang skin!

Mul-gwang gives deeply moisturized, "wet" skin

Mul-gwang is often described as "water skin" and is the most common of all gwang in Korean popular culture; Many celebrities are seen to have this type of luster. Then we are talking about a skin that is very deeply moisturized and whose luster almost gives the impression of being wet - as if you have just stepped up on the beach after a bath and have that watery shiny skin.

This gwang presupposes a consistent use of moisturizing products over time and gives a healthy, healthy and very lustrous result. Part of the joint is also to replenish with moisture from the inside, that is, to remember to drink a lot of water which in addition to many other benefits is also good for the skin.

moisturized, healthy, radiant

For mul-gwang, the A and O is to focus on moisturizing products in the various steps of the skin care routine. A good start is to use a toner in several layers - in k-beauty it is not uncommon to take as much as seven layers, also known as 7 Skin Method. Fold in an additional layer of toner when the previous one has dried slightly and repeat until the skin feels saturated before proceeding with the next steps in your routine.

Depending on the season and the skin's daily form, you can vary between different toners; a thinner and waterier in summer and a slightly thicker during the winter and in seasonal changes.

Safe Me Relief Essence Toner from Make p:rem is a thin, soothing and balancing tone that is perfect even for the most sensitive skin type.

A real hydration boost as a toner is Hyal Reyouth Toner from Dr. Ceuracle which has a more gelatinous consistency. It deeply moisturizes, strengthens the skin's barrier and maintains the skin's elasticity.

Sok-gwang for radiance from within

The most discreet and minimalist of gwangs is sok-gwang which focuses on creating a natural luster that comes from within (which in Korea is sometimes also associated with an artistry of lots of fruits and vegetables).

This natural look is thus based on creating a well-balanced and healthy skin that is obtained through nutritious skin care products rather than recreating it afterwards, with makeup.

natural, minimalist, balanced

Using a slightly more active serum is one way to achieve sok-gwang. A highly concentrated vitamin C serum that Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum from By Wishtrend gives a lot of glow and radiance where its biggest advantage is that it evens out the skin. For the more sensitive skin is Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop from Klairs.

Antioxidant-rich serum Natural Repair Serum from Hyggee has a high content of ginseng, which increases blood circulation and makes the skin more firm and supple. The fact that the serum also counteracts fine lines and is moisturizing makes it a top candidate for the road to sok-gwang.

Yun-gwang - also known as 3D-gwang

The most glowing of all gwang is yun-gwang which gives a sculpted 3D effect on the face. Strobing is a phenomenon that is mainly used when it comes to makeup where you highlight the highest points of the face such as the cheekbones and the back of the nose, and can be incorporated into skin care and yun-gwang.

By routinely focusing on lustrous products, you get a healthy skin that can be supplemented with skin care makeup, while the skin care itself can be used as a highlighter - for example a serum that Royal Vita Propolis 33 Ampoule from Dr. Ceuracle.

glow, 3D effect, makeup

After you have done your skincare routine, start with a BB / CC cream;Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream from Klairs, Vegan Kombucha Tea BB Cream from Dr. Ceuracle or the most glowy of all – CCC Cream from CLE. Korean BB-Creams are very caring and moisturizing, which makes them a durable base that lasts all day.

To the fun part – Essence Moonlighter Cushion from CLE is a nice, glowing highlighter that moisturizes and lasts all day. Depending on how much yun-gwang you want, you can easily build it up, from the most discreet to a really glowing and shimmering result! Convenient to apply and refill during the day with its associated cushion.

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