How to boost the routine with techniques, tools and accessories

In the recent years, we have seen a variety of techniques, tools and accessories appear as a complement to our skin care routines. It is not entirely easy to navigate in the tool jungle and it may not always be easy to know what is just a temporary trend, what actually works, if it's even worth trying or how to use them properly.

At GLOWiD, you will find several tools that will help you boost your routine, regardless of your skin type or skin condition! They are carefully selected based on what we know gives effect and what makes the time in front of the mirror a little more glorious and soothing.

The clapping technique - the art of applying the product to the skin

The actual application of a product can look different and is perhaps not something you immediately think about, it is something you rather do on a routine basis. Either with your hands, palms, fingertips or with a spatula, for example, which you often get when you buy our moisturizers.

In Korean skin care, the application is extremely essential where the "patting technique" is dominant.

By "patting" and pressing in the product with slightly cupped hands rather than ironing / pulling on it, you avoid pulling on the skin unnecessarily much. Pulling too much into the skin creates a friction that can be irritating and contribute to faster appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, especially if you have a long routine that involves many skin care products twice a day.

Cotton pads - not just ordinary cotton pads

While we here in the West are perhaps more accustomed to using ordinary cotton pads for just about anything, Korean skin care uses specially designed cotton pads. These often have different effects and functions to optimize the use of a product and to reduce wastage - they have less absorbency than  regular cotton pads that "eats up" the product and these gives more of the product to the skin!

From Klairs we have Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pad which is a package with a flexible opening and which contains two types of pads for the use of toner, a compressed pad and a sponge pad. The compress is used mainly for a cleansing function with light exfoliation where it is swept over the face, but can also be used to soak into toner / essence / serum and apply as a homemade sheet mask for 10-20 minutes.

The spongier pad is used to gently push the toner (instead of pulling / sweeping) into the skin and thus is effectively absorbed by the skin.

The multifunctional pad By Wishtrend is Multi Function Cotton Pads. To be able to be used by all skin types regardless of sensitivity, it has two sides with different textures, a coarser and more exfoliating side and a soft side for minimal irritation. Can be used for all kinds of skin care products, with advantage for a toner.

Massage - for increased blood circulation and elasticity

Face massage has a long tradition in many parts of Asia and not least South Korea. In addition to being a pleasant and wonderful experience, it comes with a number of benefits.

GLOWiDs Rose Quartz Facial Roller is made of the mineral rose quartz and is a massage tool that can advantageously be stored in the refrigerator before use. Using a facial roller is partly pleasant and soothing just by the routine itself and the time you take for yourself. In addition, it reduces swelling, increases blood circulation, relieves ongoing inflammation and helps skin care products penetrate the skin.

The small part is used for the eyes and the large for the rest of the face where you smoothly roll it in different directions, away from the face. Use together with a few drops of serum or use it together with, for example, a sheet mask - it is both nice and makes the essence from the mask get deep into the skin.

Specifically for the eyes we have Royal Vita Propolis 33 Capsule Eye Cream from Dr. Ceuracle which is a moisturizing and collagen-boosted eye cream that comes with a so-called Golden Massager. It is a small massage tool that is used to apply and massage the cream on the sensitive eye area, which in the long run counteracts fine lines. It can of course also be used on other parts of the face!

Cooling tools - soothe a swollen and irritated skin

Cryo Cooling Tool from Dr. Ceuracle is great for you who want to soothe a swollen and irritated skin, for example in the morning or after a day in the sun. It gives a nice massage at the same time as it is cooling, as it must be stored in the fridge or freezer for at least 3 hours before use. They have chosen to use the material duralamine, which keeps the cold three times better than metal, which keeps the tool cold for a long time.

It suits all skin types in need of quick relief, but you who know that your skin is sensitive to cold use it for a short time and store it only in the refrigerator. Gently press the tool against your face and massage with small circular motions.

For those of you who are in extra need of soothing the skin, you can use the Cryo Cooling Tool together with a cooling gel as Cica Regen 95 Soothing Gel from Dr. Ceuracle or Klairs classic product Midnight Blue Calming Cream

Infrared and blue light - treatment of pimples

Are you looking for a way to treat and prevent pimples, acne or minor sun damage, we have AC Care Solution Spot Healer from Dr. Ceuracle,a spot treatment that works through infrared and blue light.

The blue light has the ability to control the skin's sebum production, prevent pimples, is astringent for pores and can relieve ongoing inflammation. The infrared light strengthens the skin's elasticity and repairs damaged already skin and helps with cell renewal, which thus heals pimples and reduces the visibility of existing scars.

Apply it on a dry and cleansed face by aiming it at the area you want to treat for 10-15 seconds both morning and evening before continuing with your routine.

For the hair - cleansing and massage

The scalp is a part of the skin that is often forgotten. With us you will find GLOWiDs Scalp Massage Tool which can be used both during washing but also daily in dry hair for a comfortable massage.

This is great for you who have an itchy scalp and may need a little help to remove dirt and dead skin cells, then you use it with advantage during shampooing. It accesses better than just your fingers and you use it through small circular motions. Scalp Massage Tool is made of 100% silicone and cast in a single piece so that there are no cavities for dirt and bacteria to form when you store it in the bathroom.

Glow-tip! Use it together with Tea Tree Scalp Clinic Hair Pack from La’dor, for a cooling and soothing hair mask that deeply cleanses the scalp.

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