Why should you use oil cleanser and how to choose the right cleanser?

The double cleanser is the basis of the Korean skin care routine and allows you to prepare the skin in the best way for subsequent products by getting rid of both oil-based and water-based dirt properly!

Today we will talk about the first step in the double cleaning, namely the oil-based laundry! We will explain why you use it and how to find the right one among our various oil cleaners. We have also just launched the exciting new Freshly Gentle Black Fresh Oil from Klairs which we will present a little extra!

What is oil cleansing and why is it important in the skin care routine?

It is easy to believe that oil cleanser has only been used to remove makeup, and that oil cleanser makes the skin oily and only suits dry skin. But the truth is that oil-based washes are very suitable for all skin types! It effectively removes grease, dirt, sunscreen and oil-based make-up without drying out, removing the skin's protective acid protective coat or making the skin oily.

An oil cleanser dissolves the bad oils that have accumulated on your skin during the day (for example from makeup and dirt), this is something that a water-based cleanser can not remove. It is often said that "equal dissolves corpse" and "fat dissolves fat", and by this is meant that the fat in the oil cleanser dissolves the fat that is in the make-up and in other dirt that has accumulated on the skin. Cleansing oil also works well for washing off waterproof makeup that can otherwise be difficult to get rid of.

But in other words, an oil-based cleanser is optimal even for a skin that is oily as it dissolves the extra fat that is in the skin and helps to dissolve clogged pores, this completely without drying out and upsetting the moisture balance.

We recommend that you use an oil cleaner all year round, but it is extra important now during the summer when we sweat a lot, move around a lot and use more sunscreen. The pores can easily become clogged when it is hot, so if you want to balance sebum production and get rid of pores without irritating the skin during the summer months, double cleansing is important!


How does an oil cleaner work?
Oil cleanser is applied to dry skin by massaging in. The oil then sinks into the pores and surrounds dirt, sebum and make-up that you have sampled during the day or night. After massaging the oil for a while, add some water and massage your skin again. During this process, the dirt is drawn up to the skin surface together with the oil. The oil is also emulsified during this process (milky in consistency) and the dirt is then dissolved. When you rinse off the oil cleanser, the skin feels soft and moisturized, and not oily as you might think! We then recommend that you follow up with a water-based cleaning to get rid of water-based dirt.

Tip! If you have a lot of pores, a great tip is to do a mild exfoliation by mixing in a grain peel in the oil cleanser. For example, our oil cleansers are perfect to use together with Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish from Klairs for an extra thorough cleaning. Mix in the palm of your hand before application!

Which oil cleanser is right for your skin?
Below we will present our 3 different oil pleasures. We start of course with the news that we are so happy to have launched !!

Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil from Klairs

This novelty is perfect for those of you who want a slightly lighter and thinner oil cleanser than Klair's other Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil. It easily melts off makeup, removes sebum and dead skin cells and leaves the skin fresh with a moisturized finish.

Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil contains 85% herbal oils and is rich in fatty acid, linoleic acid, antioxidants and vitamins A, B, C which together keep the skin healthy. It has a mild and short list of ingredients with only 6 ingredients !! With these simple and gentle oils, it moisturizes the skin and balances the skin's moisture and oil level.


- Sunflower seed oil (50%) which helps to control sebum production. Also has a moisturizing and soothing effect on the skin.
- Grape Seed Oil which contributes to a smoother texture and has a moisturizing effect
- Jojoba Seed Oil which balances the skin and its oil production
- Black currant seed oil is rich in antioxidants that protect and strengthen the skin It is also completely fragrance-free and contains no essential oils if you are feeling against it! Perfect for all skin types, but especially you with oily or combination skin.

Gentle Black Cleansing Oil from Klairs

Then we move on to the classic from Klairs, namely Gentle Black Cleansing Oil! Unlike Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil, this is for you who want a slightly thicker oil texture. It is normally suitable for dry skin, but this also helps to reduce sebum and blackheads.

This cleansing oil is made from natural oils that are rich in antioxidants and minerals. It contributes to a deep cleansing without irritating, suits even the most sensitive skin.


- Black beans and oil balance sebum production and soothe.
- Black sesame oil contains antioxidants that strengthen the skin barrier
- Black currants and seed oil provide rich minerals and vitamins

Gentle Black Fresh & Deep Cleansing Oil Kit

To be able to optimize and adapt the oil cleaning to today's needs, we have put together a discounted kit with Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil and Gentle Black Cleansing Oil. Gentle Fresh Deep Cleansing Oil is suitable when your skin feels a little oily / oily or when you have a little lighter make-up such as a bb-cream! On days when your skin feels drier or when you wear more opaque makeup, we recommend Gentle Black Cleansing Oil.

Pro Balance Pure Cleansing Oil from Dr. Ceuracle

 Last but not least, Pro Balance Pure Cleansing Oil comes from Dr. Ceuracle! This is also a mild oil cleanser that effectively removes makeup and excess oil from the skin, leaving it soft and moisturized. It is formulated with natural vegetable oils from various plants and gently removes makeup without irritation and gives a fresh finish.


The cleanser contains 44% sunflower seed oil and also macadamia nut oil which are full of antioxidants which in turn give anti-aging effects such as firmer and smoother skin. It also contains ingredients such as soothing olive oil and meadow cress oil which removes dead skin cells and gives a clear skin tone as well as jojoba oil which soothes skin irritations.

In this you will also find Phyto G.Fer-kefir (a skin-friendly yeast) which relieves inflammation and a "5 Probiotics Complex" which consists of five good bacterial species (probiotics) that help boost the skin's immune system and balance the skin by building up a healthy bacterial system.

It is suitable for all skin types, especially mature skin or skin that needs to strengthen its skin barrier!

We hope you found it interesting to learn a little more about oil cleaning about the different variants you find with us! If you are unsure of which oil cleanser is right for your skin, you can always write to us at info@glowid.se or in DM on our Instagram @glowid

Hugs from the team at GLOWiD! 💕

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