8 Korean skincare tips for the summer skin!

Finally, summer is here and with it comes summer skin that needs its care and tricks to feel as good as possible. Throughout July, you will find selected products in our summer campaign discounted by 20%. All products are selected precisely because they are perfect products to use during the summer based on their content and function. Of course, we want to share the best ways to use them, so we give you the 8 best Korean tips for your optimal summer complexion.

1. In the summer, people in Korea are often more careful with acids as these make the skin more sensitive to the sun's rays. But at the same time you want to continue to keep the skin in balance, take care of pores and work on the luster. You can either choose an acid product with milder acids such as BHA, PHA or LHA, or you can supplement with a clay mask. Then it fits perfectly with our Jeju Matcha Clay Pack from Dr. Ceuracle. This clay mask is filled with matcha (from the island of Jeju) which is rich in antioxidants. The clay mask also contains amino acids, betaine and kaolin clay which help to reduce pores, keep the skin soft and smooth and clean and revive tired skin.

2. Shorten the routine! Summer is equal to holidays for many, and then it can be great to shorten the routine. During the summer, many also prefer lighter textures, then multifunctional products with wonderful textures are a tip! Both Supple Preparation Facial Toner from Klairs and Quad Active Boosting Essence from By Wishtrend are examples of such products. During the summer, it may be enough to pat several layers of these products and then go directly to the day cream or sunscreen. This is called the 7-skin method and it means using the toner to build up a moisture barrier and nutrition with several layers. With the help of the thinner toner, the moisture level in the skin increases more effectively without the weight from thicker creams or oils because the toner / essence is lighter and sinks faster into the skin. It is also a way that works for all skin types and it provides moisture and restores the pH value while giving a glow and firmer skin. You can also pour the product into a small spray bottle for a refreshing and soothing mist to use both in the routine and during the day. Or you can soak cotton pads and cover your face like a sheet mask.

3. Never be careless with the cleaning! During the summer, you often sweat more than usual and apply sunscreen in batches, and if the skin's temperature increases by only 1 degree, sebum production can increase by as much as 10%! This can clog the pores and therefore it is extra important to focus on the cleaning. As always, we recommend an oil cleaning first and then follow up with a water-based cleaning. In the campaign you will find pH Hyaloron Gel Cleanser from Hyggee. A wonderfully watery and moisturizing gel cleanser that gently removes dirt, sebum and dead skin cells without irritating. The texture is soft and turns into a wonderfully bouncy foam when washed. With as many as 8 different hyaluronic acids, it moisturizes and locks in moisture deep inside the skin. Environmentally friendly ingredients such as amino acids from apple and coconut palm trees minimize skin irritation and effectively remove sebum. Clean without simply drying out!

4. Mist all day! The sun in combination with sweating dries out the skin, which means that although it does not always feel that way, you need to add moisture during hot summer days. When we sweat, the skin loses a lot of moisture, which can result in dry and irritated skin where the outer layer of the skin is weakened and the skin can not protect itself optimally from, among other things, UV rays. Moisture loss also disrupts the oil and water balance in the skin, which results in increased sebum production, which in turn can contribute to acne. The most flexible and easiest way to add moisture is of course to use a mist! Hygge's All-In-One Mist is part of our summer campaign and is loved by many of our customers. Lina G, a customer with us, writes in her review, "Best mist that is always at home. Moisturizes regardless of whether I have makeup on or without. If I am extra dry, I use it in my morning routine before makeup and also after makeup. It also gives extra glow. " As Lina writes, you can use it as your toner in your routine, or why not use the Korean method of losing between each product in your routine for extra hydration and glow. But you can also use it during the day to replenish moisture, both over and under makeup.

5. Cool the skin! In the summer, the skin can get hot and yes, sometimes even sunburn if you have neglected the sunscreen, and result in red and irritated skin. Is there anything more delicious than applying a cold product over the face. Answer no! Our absolute best tip during the summer is to store products in the fridge for extra coolness, and it will be extra wonderful if these products already before have a calming, moisturizing and soothing effect. Some products that are particularly suitable for this are sheet masks. In the campaign you will find both Safe Me Relief Moisture Mask from Make P: rem and our very own Aqua & Glow Sheet Mask. Both of these are fantastically wonderful to store in the fridge and take out on hot days when the skin needs to be cooled down and soothed. Hydrium Triple Hyaloronic Moisture Ampoule from COSRX is also very suitable for this, which provides deep hydration with, among other things. vitamin B5 (panthenol). Vitamin B5 has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin, which makes it suitable for use especially on dry, dehydrated and empty. flaky skin. The classic Midnight Blue Calming Cream from Klairs is also great to use to soothe irritated and red skin.

6. Bet on the glow this summer! Something we love to do is mix different products to get the optimal combination. When the goal is maxed glow, we like to mix our BB Cream or CCC Cream with Advance Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence from COSRX. This essence also helps, in addition to giving a wonderful glow to your base, to repair and soothe red and sensitive skin after acne breakouts or other skin damage by effectively replenishing moisture. Works very moisturizing despite the light and fine consistency that gives long-lasting hydration without feeling heavy or sticky on the skin and gives a plump effect on the skin.

7. Do not forget the skin around the eyes which is extra sensitive and during the summer is exposed to a lot of sun. Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses are your best friends this summer, and to take care of the skin around the eyes a little extra after a day at the beach, we recommend that you use Hyal Reyouth Hydrogel Eye Mask from Dr. Ceuracle to soothe and replenish with moisture. Contains Vitamin B5 which has a firming effect and protects the skin against free radicals while it revitalizes and nourishes a dry and tired skin. These masks can also be used on other places on the face that need a little extra love, such as around the mouth or cheeks. Tip is to also apply a sheet mask for double effect!

8. Choose your antioxidants! Including products with antioxidants has several benefits for your skin during the summer. Both vitamin C and vitamin E are especially good now as they protect against hyperpigmentation (vitamin c) and retain moisture in the skin and protect against sun damage (vitamin e). For those craving vitamin C, you take a little extra look at Vitamin Tree Water Gel from I'm From and for those who want a product with vitamin E, Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask from Klairs is the product for you!

Hope some of these tips come in handy and that you find new favorites in our summer campaign! Have a wonderful summer and do not forget that we are always on DM on Instagram, our chat on the website and at info@glowid.se to help you further with your summer skin!

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