Welcome HYGGEE!

Finally, it's time to present HYGGEE, which we are now bringing into our skincare family here at glowid! This is skin care for anyone who travels a lot, has stressful mornings, or simply does not want to spend a lot of time on their skin care routine but still wants quality skin care that is multifunctional and effective. Hyggee's key word is All in One, which in short means, several product properties in a product.

Probiotics on the skin?

Among other things, you will find in many of hyggee's products probiotics / good bacterial culture / fermented skin care which is not only good to eat but also super good to use on the skin! Among other things, it increases vitality and exfoliates the skin. Probiotics contain B vitamins and enzymes that preserve the moisture level in the skin and increase cell renewal, which in turn keeps signs of aging away. This is something that has been very popular for a while in Korea and that we see more and more of. One of the products that contains probiotics is hyggee all in one essence which both moisturizes, exfoliates, works anti-aging and soothes and gives a clear skin tone. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh!

Hyggee all in one essence

We also see ingredients such as birch sap, natural oils, water-binding plant sugars, several different types of hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing factors that are found naturally in the skin and which help the skin retain moisture even during cleansing.

Product tips for you who travel a lot or have a stressful everyday life.

A hot tip if you want but do not have time to use tones, essence and serum both morning and evening (which I recommend) is to look at one of hyggees all in one essences that contains tones, essence and serum in one and the same product! For mature and dry skin, all in one balance is suitable and for skin that is more oily, all in one fresh is better. For mature skin that needs anti-aging, softening and moisturizing, all in one essence is suitable

Toner, lust creator and portable moisturizer in one.

Another tip is hyggees all in one mist which can be used in so many ways

Top up with moisture and keep the skin's oil level in balance during the day. Maybe you have it at the computer or in your bag when you are traveling. Spray at a distance of 20 cm and it also works well over make-up.

For luster in your base makeup. Hyggees all in one mist also works super well to give natural luster in base makeup. Spray at 20 cm over the entire face before applying your foundation or bb-cream and finish by spraying over the entire face again when your foundation has settled. Another tip that many Korean make-up artists use is to spray a little mist on a click foundation in the palm of your hand and mix before applying. This is to create a softer texture that easily settles against the skin and does not crackle during the day and that you get that extra luster (gwang) which means dewy luster from within in Korean and which is often sought in Korea.

As toner after washing morning and evening.

Hyggee all in one mist

Hope many of you will find some new favorites among hyggee's products! They have everything from cleansing water to a very mild foam wash and later this spring we also get all the hyggees sheet masks and their molecular hydrogen soap, longing for them to be truly fantastic!

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