Cloudless skin

Surely it's great when you start to see results from your skin care and when that feeling of wanting to work even more towards even better results comes? This is part of the culture in Korea, just spending time on your skin and skin care routine, constantly working with your skin and finding new goals to work towards. We have heard words like glass skin and baby skin and now the word cloudless skin is also starting to be heard in Seoul. It is to compare with how fresh and nice the sky looks after it has rained and been cloudy, so the opposite of gray, sad and rainy in other words! The goal is a skin that is clear, smooth and completely free of blemishes or scars. Here are some tips on how to get closer to a "cloudless" skin:

For clear and vibrant skin without blemishes


To avoid gray and dull skin with old skin cells, it is important to work with exfoliation to get rid of all dead skin cells and get new ones fresh. One way to exfoliate in a mild but effective way is with AHA acid about 2-4 times / week. Mandelic acid 5% skinprep water from by wishtrend is used as a toner immediately after washing and helps to remove dead skin cells and increase the rate of cell buildup in the skin, reduces pigmentation and gives even skin tone. Another product that gently exfoliates, reduces pores and can be used every day is by wishtrend green tea and enzyme powder wash.

Vitamin C.

Vitamin C protects the skin against oxidative damage such as from the sun's rays or exhaust fumes, which can cause brown spots and pigmented skin. Klairs freshly juiced vitamin C drops are developed for sensitive skin and contain vitamin C which both bleaches brown spots and protects the skin from new ones. For a normal skin type, by wishtrend pure vitamin C 21.5 advanced serum with as much as 21.5% vitamin c is a very good alternative. Always use a bb-cream or sunscreen every day to protect the skin from the sun's rays (even now in winter). It can advantageously be mixed in the palm of the hand with a drop of foundation to find your exact skin tone.

Moisture often - moisture mist or lunch sheetmask

Also be sure to moisturize the skin morning and evening and feel free to bring a small spray bottle with moisturizing essence or toner in which you can use during the day and spray over the entire face if necessary. Have it, for example, at the work computer where many people get dry and refill from time to time. If you have the opportunity to walk away for a while during the day, it can also be a good idea to have a lunch sheet mask. Wipe the skin with wet wipes, spray a little moist mist over the entire face, put on the mask for 10-20 minutes, remove and let the essence sink in. A sheet mask that gives moisture, radiance and evens out the skin tone is leegeehaam wannabe honey fit mask. Finish with a bbcream or bb-cushion that is easy to carry in the bag, for example klairs mochi bb-cushion which is also super cute :)

For reduced pores and blemishes / pimples

The double wash

The skin produces oil all the time and we also apply oil to the skin via make-up and sunscreen as well as exhaust fumes from the air. This together with bacteria causes the skin to itch again and we can get pores and pimples if we do not clean the skin properly. Therefore, it is super important to have a good washing routine that thoroughly removes bacteria and oil. To get rid of both oil-based and water-based dirt, double washing is therefore a good trick. It consists of

Oil wash klairs black deep cleansing oil

Water-based wash from, for example, leegeehaam tea tree 30 cleanser that soothes, cleanses and dissolves blemishes

The double wash should preferably be used morning and evening, especially if you produce a lot of oil during the night that needs to be balanced in the morning.

It is an old myth that oil washing would be bad for acne-prone skin, it is actually very good because it cleans, moisturizes and balances the oil level in the skin in a very mild way. Many people have actually become free from their acne by using the double wash!

Reduce redness and irritation

Restore pH balance and moisture balance

It is important to quickly restore moisture and pH balance after washing to remove irritation and redness after washing. Klairs supple preparation facial toner contains amino acids that reduce irritation and moisturize while restoring the pH balance after washing. Another product that quickly soothes and reduces redness and irritation is klairs midnight blue calming cream which also strengthens the skin barrier and prevents damage and pigmentation on the skin.

Towards cloudless skin care times! :)

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