What is snail secretion and what does it do to the skin?

Snail Mucin is an ingredient that has become very popular especially in the k-beauty world and is an ingredient widely used in skin care when you have seen the positive effects on the skin, especially of our new brand COSRX!

Mucin ingredient often termed formed naturally in the snails and they produce it when they feel good. Mucin produced by creating a good and safe environment for slugs so that they feel safe and at home, and thus produce mucus in peace. COSRX uses snail species Achatina fulica also known as the giant African snail. They are large in scale and can be as much as 4 inches in diameter.

Mucin obtained by slugs are most active at night placed over a network in a dark and quiet room and left alone where they wind around the net. The secretion which then left for the snails where they creeped then collected in containers under the net. The snails are only placed there for a limited time of about 30 minutes when you do not want to expose animals to any stress. After the limited time has passed so get snails return to its tranquil environment where they can rest.

What does this do with our skin?

Mucin has many positive aspects, first is that it is a real humectant, ie a humectant but also has healing properties. The secretion contains many amino acids and helps the skin in a natural way to heal. The works barrier strengthening and prevents irritation, making it easy to combine with other exfoliating products AHA and BHA. Studies have also shown that mucin also has a positive effect on atopic dermatitis due to its moisturizing and barrier strengthening properties.

Positive effects have also been demonstrated on an acne prone skin as snigelsekretet has anti-inflammatory properties and heals and soothes red and irritated skin. It gives shine and blotches the skin and helps to reduce and heal scars caused by acne. The secretion also contains copper peptides, and glycolic acid which stimulates collagen production and exfoliates and work brightening of pigmentation. The work on reducing fine lines and wrinkles and moisturize and bind moisture in the skin thanks to hyaluronic acid.

Mucin is suitable for all skin types and is a true multitasking ingredient. The texture is a bit thicker but falls easily into the skin without leaving a greasy surface.

COSRX is a cruelty-free make and performs no animal testing. They are very keen that no animals will be harmed and are totally against animal testing, which is important to point out.

What products have COSRX snail mucin?

COSRX two snail products, a face cream and essence. These products contain the full 92-96% pure mucin.

The face cream Advanced snail 92 all in one cream contains the name says 92% pure snail secretion that effectively soothes and repairs a red, irritated skin and helps with a lot of moisture. The work also on lines and wrinkles. The cream can be used both morning and evening.

Essencen Advanced 96 snail mucin power essence can be used either together with or cream with alternative plasticizers. It contains the entire 96.3% snail secretion. If you already have a good routine and are curious about a product with mucin is excellent to combine this in their current routine. The essence helps with nutrition and pulp moisture to the skin and is ideal if you feel a little tired and dull skin and wish to receive a new luster and glow. It is light in texture and does not provide a sticky feel on the skin.

Both products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. They are free of parabens, sulfates, alcohol, mineral oils and essential oils.

Hope you will like these power products, and do not forget that we are on our chat, DM on instagram and on info@glowid.se to answer your questions!

/ Lisa, Dermatologist at GLOWiD

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