How I include COSRX in my skincare routine

Hello to you new and old GLOWiD followers!

Today I thought I would share how I included our new brand COSRX in my skincare routine.

I can start by describing my skin which I experience as quite durable, rarely feels dry but rather glossy towards the afternoon. It reacts easily to new products and I therefore try to stick to one and the same routine when the skin feels in balance. (Which sometimes gets a little difficult when you work with skin care and like to test new often).

COSRX has many products that are adapted to sensitive and / or acne-prone skin and I find that these suit my skin very well.

The first product I added is the One Step Original Clear Up Pad. I love and have missed this type of pads in my routine. I sweep them over my face after double cleansing every night. No matter how thoroughly I wash myself, there always seems to be some dirt left after the water-based cleaning and it's so nice to see that you get rid of the last of the pads.

They are mild exfoliators so I have avoided other cleansing exfoliators now when I use them. We have launched two different types of pads and these that are adapted just for oily and acne-prone skin work super well for me. They contain, among other things, BHA which penetrates deep into the skin to dissolve clogged pores and remove dead skin cells. Regular exfoliation gives a nice, natural glow and keeps the skin free of dead skin cells that can make the skin feel dull and lackluster. Exfoliation should, however, begin to slowly get used to the skin, and it is very different how different skin conditions react and how often the skin can cope with it. As I mentioned before, I find my skin quite durable and I can usually use mild exfoliations almost every night.

One Step Original Clear Up Pad

After cleansing and exfoliating pads, I follow up with a moisturizing toner that I pat into several layers to prepare the skin for the next products and build up moisture deep into the skin. Then I continue with the next new addition to my routine, namely Two In One Poreless Power Liquid, which quickly became my new favorite essence. It is a very effective solution as this also works super well against enlarged pores and oily skin. Increased sebum production often leads to enlarged pores, and if you get control of sebum production, this usually results in visibly reduced pores. I really feel that this together with the pads tightened my pores and the skin does not feel as oily anymore. Heat is something that can cause enlarged pores and this essence has a cooling effect on the skin to counteract just this. This also contains BHA which also has a smoothing effect and eventually results in a smoother skin structure. You can also spot treat 'problem areas' by soaking a few pads, pressing them against areas with enlarged pores and leaving it on the face like a mask for 5-10 minutes. Essence was something new to me before I started at GLOWiD but now it's something I really do not want to be without. I notice such a big difference on the skin, especially when I use an essence that is focused on pores or blemishes.

 Two In One Poreless Power Liquid

Finally, I also want to strike a blow for this slightly stronger exfoliation - AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid. This is a chemically exfoliating peel in liquid form that I have used for a long time and love. I do not use it regularly but add it when I feel that my skin is unbalanced or in need of an extra boost. Then I apply this on cotton pads and press against exposed areas and I think this gives an immediate effect on outbreaks and blemishes. As I said, my skin is quite durable, but I really do not experience that any of these do not irritate or dry out my skin, as many other active, exfoliating or spot treatment products can sometimes do.

All three products are allergy-friendly and dermatologically tested. They are free of parabens, sulfates, alcohol, mineral oils or artificial fragrances. In addition, they are completely vegan.

Hope you will be eager to try one of these. Write a comment if you have any thoughts about the above products or read more about them via the links.

/ Kicki

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