Then you get the best summer glow!

Now summer is finally here and with it comes a small botanical cocktail of some of my summer favorites that will help you shine the brightest, whether it is at the wedding, summer party or boat trip in the archipelago!

Double cleansing

When it is warm and moist outside, it is easier for the skin to maintain its natural moisture balance. On the other hand, sebum production can increase, which makes the skin feel oily and shiny. It is therefore extra important with a thorough cleaning! I have written it many times, here it is the double cleansing that applies in the Korean skin care routine, ie 1, oil wash and 2, water-based wash.

To remove all oil-based dirt such as impurities, sunscreen and oil-based makeup from the skin, start with an oil wash. A favorite is Klair's Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil, a wonderful wash with black sesame oil that effectively removes impurities and also balances sebum production. Feel free to apply with Klairs Gentle Black Cleansing Puff for a soft and wonderful result!

Then follow up with a water-based wash to remove water-soluble dirt. Try, for example, All In One Cleansing Foam from Hyggee, a foam-based wash with probiotics and green tea that cleans effectively and moisturizes the skin.

Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil

2. Exfoliate - but be careful!

Exfoliating is an effective way to get rid of dead skin cells, promote skin cell renewal and get a wonderfully healthy glow. However, it is important to use gentle products that do not go on the skin too hard. For sensitive, irritated skin with large pores, this variant is perfect: Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish, a wonderfully emollient and soothing peel with black sugar that deeply cleanses and helps remove both blackheads and dead skin cells. It leaves the skin smooth as a baby's butt! A tip is to leave it on the skin as a mask for about 1 minute before adding a little lukewarm water and gently massaging with small circular motions. Another favorite that is mild but gives fast and nice results is Green Tea and Enzyme Powder Wash from By Wishtrend. This powder wash with green tea gently exfoliates the skin and works to reduce pores. Say hello to smooth, soft skin with radiance!

Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish

Green Tea and Enzyme Powder Wash

3. Moisturize!

If you get oily and shiny skin during the summer, it is still important to moisturize. Because even during the bright summer months, the skin's natural moisture barrier needs a little help along the way to feel good. Invest in a moisturizer that balances the oil and moisture level in the skin, for example leegeehaam 5a control cream which moisturizes with a thin fine consistency while it controls the oil level and prevents shine during the day.

Leegeehaam 5a control cream

For those who want moisture on-the-go, or are in a drier climate, take a look at hyggees All In One Mist. This moisturizing spray with good bacteria birch sap and hyaluronic acid also works to strengthen the skin's moisture barrier and helps balance sebum production. Perfect on both the beach and the plane! Also great to spray before and after you apply your base makeup for a real Korean gwang glow!

All In One Mist

Do not forget to check out our Summerglow glass-skin kit which contains some of the goodies I mentioned here!

Summerglow glass-skin kit

Hope you have a wonderful week and for you who go on holiday, enjoy to the fullest!


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