My updated routine with COSRX

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Today I thought I would go through how I supplemented my routine with COSRX products, and what specific products from the brand are now used extensively in my daily routine!

It's so fun and exciting to cave into a new brand! I love to test myself between different brands and products. Although it can be a bit stressful for the skin to often be introduced to new products, it is so fun to develop your routine based on the favorites you run along the way. A routine that is constantly changing but also that only gets better and more tailored to than yourself all the time.

My skin type and my goals,

My skin type is basically dry, slightly sensitive and I easily get a blemish from time to time. I also experience my skin as a bit dull at times.

My goal with my skin care routine has always been to feel hydrated, but also to work for a smoother skin tone, skin structure and a nice natural glow!

Below I go a little more carefully into what the products have done for me, how they work and how I use them. Hang on!

1. Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence is a product I now use every day morning and evening. It has done wonders for my skin and I will never want to be without it.

The essence contains 96% snail secretion and the essence has a number of different incredible properties. The essence moisturizes, plumps, repairs and reduces red and irritated skin. But not only that, it also works smoothing, balancing and improving the elasticity of the skin. In other words, this essence suits most skin types!

I experience that the use of this essence in both morning and evening routine has meant that my skin has been moisturized and in balance despite temperature and weather changes now during the winter. I also experience a smoother, much softer and more plump skin.

It's a keeper!

2. I have added the Ultra Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask as a night mask to my routine. I use it from time to time when needed or when I want to pamper the skin a little extra. I have reached for this both when I have wanted a soothing, emollient and moisturizing mask, but also for a luster boost!

This is actually a multifunctional product, it can be used as a night mask / moisturizing mask, cleanser and moisturizer. The mask contains rice extract, which is an ingredient that works brightening and emollient. It sinks easily into the skin and leaves no sticky feeling.

Masks in general, I never think you can have too many of ... I also think it's so luxurious with just night masks. The idea that the product during the night provides lots of nourishment, moisture and boosts the skin is so wonderful, and night masks in particular are also very effective if you are short on time. I feel silky smooth in the skin after applying this, and would really describe it as just emollient and radiant!

3. AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid is an exfoliation that I currently use in the evening 1-2 times a week. I have gotten used to this in the skin slowly, just to avoid irritating the skin. I am also very careful with high SPF during the day.

This is a chemically exfoliating peel with AHA acid that is good for removing dead skin cells and working smoothing. This product is also super good to use if you want to fight and prevent fine lines and wrinkles as AHA increases cell renewal.

This is a product I experience seeing results with only overnight the times I have used it. I feel smooth and glowy in the skin when I wake up, and have not experienced any irritation. A product that is good to work with in the long term, and if you, like me, want smoother skin, this is a great product to use. But remember, SPF is so important, and especially now that we are heading towards spring / summer!

4. One Step Moisture Up Pad has also become a product I use regularly in my routine. These pads are a milder exfoliation than the product above, which makes them a good alternative to use daily. I have mostly used these pads as a complement to my cleaning routine, just to remove excess dirt and at the same time exfoliate the skin in the evening.

These pads contain BHA acid, a fat-soluble acid that works deep in the skin unlike the AHA acid above which works on the surface. BHA is a good acid for you who want to fight and prevent acne and clogged pores. The pads also contain hyaluronic acid and propolis, which provides both moisture and nourishment to the skin. These can, in addition to being used as pads, for 5-7 minutes be placed on the skin as a face mask.

I use these pads on the evenings I do not use any other acid, just when I feel that I may need a gentle exfoliation and when I want to remove residual dirt. These I experience help me maintain an even and moisturized skin, cleanse the skin in an additional step and keep pimples away. Even so smooth with pads.

I use these four COSRX products regularly. I feel that they fit very well to my skin type and it is so fun to experience that the skin has gotten better since I introduced these into my routine.

If you feel curious about our range of COSRX but perhaps feel a little unsure of which product / products can suit your skin type / skin condition, I link my colleague Lisa's blog post here. Lisa is a dermatologist at GLOWiD and has just written a very great and informative blog post about just this! So come in and read.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and I hope you got some kind of inspiration <3

Nice weekend!


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