Make P:rem

Welcome Make P: rem!

What I am happy to finally present this wonderful brand to you !!!

I have tested many, many Korean brands, both during my years in Seoul, but also since I started GLOWID and moved home to Sweden. This is to find any new brands to register and bring in to Sweden (this testing is one of the absolute best and most fun I know, and when you come across that with the little extra, the heart takes like a little shot and it sparkles in eyes :) That's how it felt with Make p: rem!

What, then, makes a brand stand out in my opinion?

In addition to the products obviously being very good and giving good results, I look for products that have kind but powerful ingredients with ingredient lists that are as "clean" as possible. That is, not 100% natural but pure in such a way that the product is free of harmful ingredients. I also like that the brand has multifunctional products that make the routine easier and more efficient, which makes it easier to see results in our stressful everyday life! Of course, the mark must not be tested on animals either. All this I have found in our next family member husband p: rem.

Make p: rem stands for Making a Pragmatic Remedy (to make a pragmatic / results-oriented solution) and what you see immediately when you look at the packaging are the short ingredient lists that are completely free of any harmful substances. And oh how effective they are and what fantastic textures despite so few ingredients! They also have smart multifunctional products which is a big plus such as their oilwater cleanser (both oil and water-based strapping in one) double layering sheetmask and a wonderful in shower mask that gives the skin an instant glow while you take your morning shower (absolutely brilliant). How good for stressful mornings !?

The first line that we will launch from make p: rem is their Safe me line which is developed to suit even the most sensitive, nasty dry ice and here is a small summary of the products in that line.

1. Cleaning - Safe Me, Relief Moisture Cleansing Foam.

This cleanser has been ranked as the best cleanser in Hawhae (Korea's largest app in consumer reviews and ingredient analysis and quality assurance of skin care products' table of contents) So the consistency of this! :)

This is a very gentle foam cleanser with only 16 mild ingredients and a low pH value of 5.5 (close to the skin's own pH value) and perfect for sensitive and irritated skin. It has an incredibly creamy texture that develops into a proper foam when mixed with water. It is smooth and gentle on the skin and does not give a tight or irritated feeling during or after washing. The list of ingredients includes moisturizing glycerin and coconut extract as well as soothing sage and lavender. Click here to read more about it on the website

2. Toner - Safe Me, Relief Moisture Toner.

This is a toner with a low pH value and which is completely alcohol-free. The list of ingredients includes glycerin, red seagrass and bergamot oil, which moisturizes and soothes, as well as madecassoside, which strengthens the skin. After cleaning, as a first step, apply the toner with a cotton swab. Gently swipe over the face, starting from the center of the face and working outwards. As the next step, pour a few drops in your hand and gently pat the toner all over your face. I recommend sometimes using this in several layers for increased moisture and smooth skin with luster, so feel free to repeat up to 7 times if necessary. Click here to read more about it on the website.

3. Essence - Safe Me, Relief Moisture Essence.

This also has a low pH value of 5.5 (close to the skin's own) and it helps to restore the skin's natural moisture barrier and balance. It contains the ingredients glycerin which moisturizes, sage oil, which works anti-aging and ceramide and lavender which protects and soothes the skin and is excellent for very sensitive and irritated skin or normal skin that needs an extra boost of moisture! It has a thicker consistency than the toner and is slightly more moisturizing, which makes it perfect as the next step after the toner to further moisturize and prep the skin before the upcoming sheet mask / serum / ampoule so that they can be absorbed by the skin effectively. You apply this with your hands by gently massaging it in with small circular motions and finish by pressing your palms over your cheeks and forehead to maximize the absorption.


Safe Me, Relief Moisture Mask

After the essence, it's time for sheetmask! Is your skin sensitive, dry and irritated? Then this is the sheet mask for you. The sheet itself is made of soothing bamboo that envelops the skin with a mixture of moisturizing hyaluronic acid and glycerin, nourishing extracts from field berries and bergamot - and sage oils that soothe and give a clear skin tone.

Comfort Me Airmask

Do you want to soothe and moisturize and at the same time give an anti-aging boost to the skin, this can be a good alternative if needed! It is oxygen-enriched and means the (popular ingredient in Korea) central Asian as well as soothing chamomile extract and healing extract from wild berries.

5. Moisturizer - Safe Me, Relief Moisture Cream

This cream is absolutely super light in consistency and incredibly moisturizing and that with only 12 ingredients (do not understand how they succeeded with this but it almost feels like magic)

It contains ingredients such as squalene which soothes and protects the skin, moisturizing glycerin, wild berries and bergamot - and sage oil which soothes and works anti-aging. All ingredients are very mild and together they work to soothe, strengthen and moisturize dry, sensitive and irritated skin.

In 2 months we will receive more of Make P: rem's radiance products and then we will talk serious glow! Stay tuned, more info about it coming soon :)

Have a lovely day!

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