Keep your summer glow!

Keep your summer glow!

The air feels colder, the routines start to kick in and the skin may have got pigment spots and start to tighten a little. The holidays may be coming to an end, but that does not mean your summer glow has to go away! Here are some simple steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

The Korean double wash

I have written about it many times, but it is at least worth mentioning over and over again, because it actually works! Just as fat removes fat, oil removes oil and of course we all have a lot of oil in the skin, both self-produced but also from the outside world, such as from exhaust fumes in the air, sunscreen (which is usually oil-based) and makeup. To remove all this from the skin, you therefore need to start with an oil-based wash (water repels oil) and then continue with a water-based wash to remove residual dirt from the skin. Only after a proper cleansing that removes both oil-based and water-based dirt can all subsequent products have an optimal effect on the skin, otherwise there is a risk that it settles on top of all the dirt that remains in the skin. Do it with advantage both morning and evening, as most of us produce oil during the night. Watch our short film that shows how to do a Korean double wash and also triple wash if you want to clean further:) The Korean double / triple wash

Tips for oil cleaning are klairs gentle black deep cleansing oil and an alternative for water-based washing is, for example, leegeehaam grow tea tree 30 cleanser which has a wonderfully foamy consistency when mixed with water. Great for sensitive skin that is also prone to acne or easily gets blemishes.

Leegeehaam tea tree 30 cleanser

Klairs gentle black cleansing oil

If you want to use a third cleanser / triple wash) then one of Klair's soaps can be a good alternative depending on your skin type. The pink, klairs rich moist soothing facial soap is for sensitive and dry skin, the black, klairs pore gentle black charcoil soap, for oily skin with large pores and the brown, klairs manuka honey and choco body soap for acne-prone skin (works well for both face and body)

Exfoliate more!

By wishtrend mandelic acid 5% prep water

Exfoliation is a must for a real glow, moisture and a healthy and even skin tone! Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and helps new ones to emerge and prepares the skin for a more effective moisturizing. If the skin is not exfoliated, dirt, oil and moisture etc. are placed on top of the dead skin cells and thus the hydration is not as effective plus you can get blemishes, pores, pimples and the makeup does not settle as well as the skin often becomes dry and dull if you do not exfoliate regularly.

How often? Exfoliate about one to three times a week and use a mild variant that does not irritate the skin. My favorite especially now after the summer when the sun (despite sunscreen and hat) has given me some of my pigment spots back, is By wishtrend mandelic acid 5% skin prepwater which contains mandelic acid (a mild variant of AHA acid) which removes dead skin cells, softens up the skin, helps new skin cells, reduces blemishes and pigmentation and soothes acne and blemishes. A tip for extra effect is to pour a few drops on a cotton pad and apply on exposed areas that are particularly dull, leave for a few minutes and then gently pull them off. If you feel that the skin feels dull, dull, wrinkled and with an uneven skin tone, then this can be a savior in times of need!

Another product that exfoliates gently and can be used every day is By Wishtrend's Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash, wash and exfoliate in one! It is excellent for a mixed or oily skin type with large pores as it contains green tea and papain from the papaya tree which exfoliates and washes the skin gently and works both moisturizing and reducing pores.

By wishtrend green tea and enzyme powder wash

Massage your face

When you massage your face, the blood circulation in the skin increases while it helps to get rid of toxins and the puffy feeling around the eyes that can occur after a tough day. In addition, it helps the muscles in the face to relax, because it is really nice! Do not forget to use an oil-based wash or moisturizer when massaging, so that it does not tighten too much in the skin.

This oil from klairs is excellent for facial massage Klairs Gentle Black Cleansing Oil, an oil wash that gently cleanses the skin and regulates sebum production with the help of black sesame oil, black currants and black beans!

If you would rather use a moisturizer during the massage, klairs freshly juiced Vitamin E mask works great!

Here you can see our guide to Korean facial massage: Korean massage tips for the face

Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is great to eat but also works wonders in skin care. It evens out skin tone, whitens brown spots, increases firmness and reduces fine lines. So to get a skin with a healthy glow from the inside, vitamin c is a superhero like no other! For the more sensitive skin I recommend klairs and for the non-sensitive by wishtrend.

Klairs freshly juiced vitamin c drops

By wishtrend vitamin c 21.5 advanced serum

Always finish with a moisturizer that locks in moisture and nourishment in the skin as a protective layer and treat yourself to a night mask if necessary to increase moisture and nourishment to the skin during the night. For those of you who want to work anti-aging and at the same time soothe the skin and even out the skin tone, klairs freshly juiced E.vitamin mask is a good alternative!

Klairs freshly juiced vitamin E mask

Have a wonderful weekend!


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