Hanbang - a holistic approach to skin care with natural ingredients

Hanbang as a phenomenon is something that has received attention in recent years but has a much longer tradition than that! It can easily be summed up as a Korean holistic view of health and wellness that has entered the skin care routine. Holistic, quite simply!

The Korean medical tradition, also called TKM (Traditional Korean Medicine), is based on natural ingredients and raw materials that add what each person needs at the moment based on the body's own immune system and condition. Through herbal remedies such as herbal mixtures that are drunk as tea or other dietary recommendations, the focus is on processing various bodily conditions from the ground up rather than temporarily solving superficial problems that have arisen as a result of the basic problem. You want to get rid of inflammation, viruses and other factors that affect health.

Thus, this holistic thinking is a long-term strategy and tradition for well-being and a healthy and strong body, rather than a temporary solution and trend. Clinics and experts that focus on hanbang are found everywhere in South Korea and are something many turn to as a complement to contemporary, modern medicine.

In skin care, the Korean medical tradition is used through the natural, beneficial ingredients that strengthen and heal the skin. These are ingredients that are generally found in k-beauty because the industry is based on the local ingredients, but by actively looking for specific ingredients, one can approach a hanbang routine. Let's take a closer look at some examples of ingredients and products!

Ginseng - invigorates and counteracts hyperpigmentation

Ginseng is a root that resembles ginger in appearance. In food and drink it is seen as a superfood that provides the body with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. It strengthens the immune system and early evidence of ginseng in skin care has been found from 16th century Korea.

In skin care, ginseng has properties that are smoothing and anti-inflammatory. Because it also increases blood circulation and collagen production, it can be said to have an anti-aging effect because these aspects prevent and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It also has caffeine-like and firming properties, which is because it is invigorating for a tired and dull skin that is a little swollen, something many people experience in the morning. In addition, ginseng has an effect on hyperpigmentation and brown spots and both prevents the appearance of it and treats existing spots.

From Hyggee we find the serum Natural Repair Serum which contains a high concentration of red ginseng, as much as 66.7%. It is mild but at the same time effective and evens out the skin tone at the same time as it provides long-lasting hydration and tightens the skin. The lovely, caramel-like texture is soft and supple and sinks nicely into the skin without feeling sticky.

Rice - increases elasticity and gives glow

Using rice for cosmetic purposes carries a long tradition and for hundreds, if not more than a thousand years, rice water has been used by Japanese women to get long and strong hair.

The rice's properties keep the skin clean, healthy and glowy while providing deep hydration. It is anti-inflammatory and protects the skin's barrier, which leads to a balanced and healthy skin that can be relieved of redness, inflammation and irritation - for example, dry and sensitive skin. Because it contains amino acids, antioxidants and minerals, it increases the elasticity of the skin and is therefore also suitable for mature skin. In addition, it has a smoothing effect that gives the skin that smooth, smooth and lustrous result!

I’m From has developed Rice Toner - a toner that consists of 77.8% rice extract and is lustrous, skin smoothing and increases skin elasticity. It is milky in both color and texture and sinks quickly into the skin and can be applied in several layers for extra hydration.

Green tea - soothing and rich in antioxidants

Green tea has long been drunk for its healthy and beneficial effects. The soothing, anti-inflammatory effects are also found in skin care where green tea also balances sebum production.

Because its anti-inflammatory properties are healing, it is suitable for oily or acne-prone skin that has a damaged skin barrier, or other skin types that want the healing effect. Green tea also contains vitamins such as vitamins A and C, which is long-term skin smoothing and improves the skin's texture. Due to its rich content of antioxidants, it protects the skin against free radicals such as impurities and UV rays, which causes the skin to age prematurely and can lead to moisture loss, impaired elasticity and pigmentation.

By Wishtrend has the exciting product Green Tea and Enzyme Powder Wash, a water-based cleanser that is used after your oil wash. It consists of a powder / small grains which in combination with water forms a foam that effectively cleanses the skin without drying out. This also makes it a mild, mechanical exfoliation where the powder melts away when applied and depending on how much exfoliation you want you can adjust the amount of water thereafter.

Of course, there are many more hanbang ingredients to look out for, such as kombucha or licorice root.

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