Fermented and biotic products for a healthy skin

Fermentation, prebiotics and probiotics are concepts that we perhaps most recognize as something related to diet, dietary supplements and gastrointestinal health. Now it's gone to the bathroom cabinets! Fermented skin care has long been big in Korean skin care and many people use it without you even thinking about it - we sort out what impact it has and properties that benefit the skin!

It is no coincidence that many people associate something fermented with kimchi, perhaps the largest Korean food export consisting of pickled cabbage and vegetables. Kimchi is known to have been produced for at least 3,000 years, where its long shelf life and healthy effects on the body have become a Korean cultural heritage that has even been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List for intangible cultural heritage (which stands for crafts and traditions, among other things).

Fermentation is another word for fermentation and is based on a biochemical process where a substance's natural bacteria through enzymes break down proteins in a moist and oxygen-poor environment, which means that harmful bacteria can not be formed, while beneficial amino acids and antioxidants are released and nutritional value is increased. It is thus a natural preservation method which, through a lowered pH value, preserves the fermented product and does good for the body.

Even if we do not think about it, we eat daily foods that are fermented: coffee, yogurt, mold cheese, wine and beer are some examples of things that would not taste like it does if it has not undergone some form of fermentation process.

What do fermented products do for the skin?

  • Fermentation increases the concentration of an ingredient, which means that all the benefits of an ingredient become even more powerful.
  • The process causes larger molecules to break down into smaller molecules, which enables better absorption of the skin.
  • They are rich in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory effects that soothe and even out the skin. The antioxidants protect the skin against free radicals, which prevents premature aging of the skin from factors such as impurities and UV rays.
  • They strengthen the skin's protective barrier and counteract bad bacteria and instead promote good bacterial growth that can cause, for example, acne breakouts.
  • They become naturally exfoliating and remove dead skin cells for a healthy barrier. This means that the ingredients can go deeper into the skin, which leads to luster and glow!
  • It is smoothing and texture-improving, can treat pigmentation and helps the skin to heal after sun damage.

That being said, fermented products are also biotic.

What does it mean, and what is the difference between pre-, pro- and post-biotics?

We start by raising another concept - microbiome. As you know, the skin is our largest organ and on the skin live millions and millions of microorganisms and bacteria where bacteria do not have to be something negative but there are a lot of good ones. Together they form the skin's microbiome, its natural flora (just as we have an intestinal flora) and in a well-balanced state, the skin is healthy and free from problems such as dryness, acne and eczema. By adding good bacteria in the cases where they seem to be in deficit in the skin flora, you can work for a resistant and healthy skin.

  • These good, living bacteria are what are called probiotics and are the result of a fermentation process. It keeps the skin healthy and well-balanced and is mostly found in milk-based ingredients. Probiotics support a skin with a damaged barrier and which is plagued with problems such as acne, rashes, redness and dryness.
  • Something that is prebiotic consists of fibers and acts as "food" and nourishment for the good bacteria on the skin, so that they can thrive and thrive to keep the skin healthy. So prebiotics help probiotics do their job! It is found in plant-based and fruit sugar-based ingredients and has the ability to moisturize the skin and maintain a good pH balance.
  • We do not hear about postbiotics as often but are non-living substances that the good bacteria (probiotics) have produced; a by-product, you might say. These by-products can be peptides, enzymes and natural acids and are actually the most common in traditional skin care where one of its abilities is to relieve inflammation. If you use an AHA acid today, for example, you are already using a postbiotic product.

Thus, all these biotic components are needed for a healthy skin and flora, where it may sometimes need to be boosted by actively adding them through skin care products.

Fermented and biotic products at GLOWiD

All skin types benefit from using fermented and biotic products, but perhaps mainly skin in imbalance and with various ailments. It is rare for a product to be based on only one biotic component, but often a product consists of different biotic combinations, but on the other hand it is often one of them that accounts for the majority of the content.

At Dr. Ceuracle we find the Vegan Kombucha Tea-series where not least the very moisturizing essence is a big favorite and bestseller with us. The fermented tea kombucha has many good probiotic properties for both the inside and outside of the body where it is smoothing for the skin and maintains its elasticity. The latest addition to the series is a BB Cream that has a light texture that quickly sinks into the skin and also has SPF 30.

Dr. Ceuracle
 in another series, Pro Balance, has focused on the beneficial properties of probiotics and has products for all skin types. The series includes five different cleaning products: an oil wash, a foam wash, two enzyme-based cleansers and cleansing pads. In the series, we also find a toner in a generous size of 300 ml that strengthens the skin barrier, soothes irritated skin and provides very long hydration that lasts all day.

takes advantage of both the pre- and probiotic benefits in its All in One series. With ingredients such as birch sap and good bacteria such as Lactococcus Ferment Lysate and Bifida Ferment Lysate, the unique "all-in-one" formula has been developed that combines several product properties in one and the same product. This is due to its high content of the moisture-binding molecule hyaluronic acid. In their three different essences All in One, Balance and Fresh, we find the combination of tones, essence and serum adapted for different skin types (normal, dry and mature, oily). Perfect during the summer when the skin care routine is shorter and the packing easier!

The new Pro-Biome Balance Cream from By Wishtrend focuses on the microbiome in the form of a day cream. In what is called the Pro-biome complex, probiotic ingredients have been combined that moisturize and strengthen the skin barrier. In combination with as much as 70% of the good bacterium Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate and 10% propolis, the cream has great anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

In our range, we find postbiotics in, among others, AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid from COSRX and in Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water from By Wishtrend. While the latter is a milder and gentler exfoliation suitable for a more sensitive skin type, the former is slightly more active. Both effectively remove dead skin cells so that cell renewal is increased, which leads to softer, firmer and smoother skin.

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