GLOWiD's Christmas Gift Guide!

Skin care is one of the best we know, and of course we love to both receive and give it as a gift. Something extra luxurious that you yourself may not indulge in but which shows care and love is always appreciated. Below are our best Christmas gift tips for those who are close to you, and some things to wish yourself of course!

To Mom

We think mom is worth the little extra and want to suggest three things we think will suit her perfectly. Multi Cream from CLE is an all-in-all product that you will always find use for. In addition, it comes in a luxurious package and with a wonderful scent. For the mother who may not have slept much, she will probably appreciate Klair's Fundamental Eye Duo. A 2-step routine for the eyes for morning and evening with both soothing, moisturizing and invigorating properties. In addition, sprinkling the package with a bunch of sleeping mornings we can almost promise will be a success!

To Dad / Brother / Boyfriend

For the man in your vicinity, the gift depends a bit on how interested in skin care they are. If we talk "I do not even wash my face and what is a cream" then we suggest to start basic. Suggested with just a face wash and a cream. For laundry, there are two ways we would recommend going. For a very nice wash and for a dry and sensitive skin, Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser would be a good fit. For the guy who wants a really clean feeling, and possibly has a pimple or two, we recommend Dr. Ceuracle's Tea Tree Purifine 30 Cleansing Foam. Cream then, yes there is only one we want to highlight a little extra, namely Midnight Blue Calming Cream from Klairs. Men often have increased sebum production, which regulates this at the same time as it calms, soothes and moisturizes. That this cream can be used morning and evening is also usually appreciated, and is especially suitable after shaving as it reduces irritation. For the guy who already has control, we think you should surprise with something that he probably would never treat himself to, namely a subscription to our sheet masks. Choose between getting home 6, 8 or 10 sheet masks every month. Guaranteed an appreciated gift!

To the friend / sibling who has everything

For the friend or sibling who is already an experienced beauty junkie and who also has most things, we still have some tips that we think can add something to the collection. A maxed out make-up kit from CLE plus some other favorites can not go wrong. December's Box Full of Seoul has everything you could want for a glowy and moisturized skin this winter and you get to decide the color of CCC Cream, Essence Moonlighter Cushion and Melting Lip Powder. Another tip is Dr. Ceuracle's appreciated Cryo Cooler together with any skin care product to take the skin care routine to new heights. We really like to use it together with a sheet mask or together with Cica Regen 95 Soothing Gel. Also works well to use with Supple Preparation All Over Lotion for wonderful body massage.

To the Teenager

For those interested in younger skin care, we think you should lay the foundation for a long-term sustainable routine with effective and at the same time kind products. This duo contains double cleanser for sensitive but acne-prone skin that is usually very much appreciated. A moisturizing toner, a sebum-regulating serum and a slightly moisturizing cream can then go a long way.

To yourself!

We think that you dear readers should treat yourself to one or more products that act as a warmer hug for the skin. Hyggee's All-In-One Cream is a wonderful winter cream that works morning and evening, which strengthens the skin barrier and locks moisture into the skin. Fundamental Watery Oil Drop from Klairs provides deep moisture and radiance to the skin and Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask, also from Klairs, works during the night and lets you wake up to a plump and moisturized skin.

These are some of our best Christmas gift tips, and we hope one of them will gild your Christmas! Merry Christmas to all the Santas at GLOWiD!

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