Start November in a calm and harmonious way with us!

Today we start our Pogeun theme at GLOWID. Pogeun is a Korean expression that stands for cosiness, which we associate with balance, cozy routines and self-care. For us, skin care is not only products you apply to the skin but also someone we want to give relaxation in everyday life!

Under our Pogeun theme, we have selected products that we think help us bring in more self-care in everyday life, and you will find them on the November campaign!

Here are some of our absolute best pogeun self care tips!

1. We love to unwind after a busy day with a lovely face mask! Taking care of both your external and internal well-being goes hand in hand and creating a wonderful skin care routine where you take care of yourself a little extra by putting on a mask and being able to relax while it works is a good way to create peace for both mind and skin!

Right now we have 20% on 3 lovely masks that are perfect for bringing a little more pogeun into everyday life!

Match Clay Pack from Dr. Ceuracle is a clay mask filled with matcha that is rich in antioxidants. The clay mask helps to reduce pores, keep the skin soft and smooth and clean and revitalize tired skin.

Mugwort Mask from I’m From is a face mask that, with the help of mugwort and central Asia, works to calm and balance. This mask is full of vitamins and minerals and helps to quickly soothe irritation and redness through its natural cooling, soothing effect.

Last but not least, we have the famous Honey Mask which also comes from I’m From! This mask contains 46.44 grams of natural honey which provides deep moisture and nourishment, has a calming effect and prevents acne. Here are some great beauty hacks: 1. Prep the skin by applying a moisturizing mist before applying the mask! Let the mask work for up to an hour! It will not dry in but the mask retains its wonderful and moisturizing consistency. Perfect because you have time to watch an entire episode of your favorite series!

2. Have you heard of moisturizing meditation? This is a meditation that is about giving as well as giving the body peace, love and mindfulness by lubricating it. This can relieve tension in the body and create peace in the soul if, for example, you feel stressed. Why not take the opportunity to massage tense neck and shoulders or increase circulation in the legs by massaging while you lubricate yourself? Klairs Supple Preparation All over Lotion is a pure moisturizing cream that is perfect for this (it is also currently at 20%) This multifunctional cream also works great to take in dry hair ends!

Another soothing and typical Korean ritual that is easy to add to your daily routine is to massage your face with a Face Roller! Use it over nice and soothing concise stones such as sheetmask or serum (such as Natural Repair Serum Hyggee) and press with the roller a little extra over tense jaws and cheekbones. Tip is to put the roller in the refrigerator overnight to enjoy the next morning a wonderful facial massage that both counteracts wrinkles, relieves swelling, increases blood circulation and helps the products to sink better into the skin. Something that is great is to use the roller gently over the Hydrogel Eye Patches also from Dr. Ceuarcle which are moisturizing eye masks stuffed with, among other things, Hyaluronic acid! These provide an invigorating and swelling-suppressing effect together with the roller!

Drink soothing tea as part of your self care routine! Why not take the opportunity to light a scented candle with a soothing scent or use aromatherapy oils on the body while you enjoy the tea cup! This creates a harmony that prepares the body for a good night's sleep.

5. It is easy to forget the scalp, but just like skin care, we want to give the best to our hair and scalp. We may think that we are prolonging our facial routine and thinking that we actually have a skin on the scalp as well. We may therefore need to adapt our products that we use to the hair according to what needs we are in. We also want to share our best tips for taking care of the hair and scalp!

  • Wrong shampoo is a common cause of irritated scalp as some shampoos can upset our pH balance in the scalp. This means that we often experience dryness and irritation. To treat a sensitive scalp, a good routine for the hair is essential. Feel free to use a mild shampoo like Dr. Ceuracle scalp Dx Scaling shampoo which is good for counteracting hair loss, it also provides nourishment and hydration to the hair and scalp. Shampoo contains good and nourishing ingredients for a scalp that needs a little extra care and strengthens the hairs from the root! It relieves a red and irritated scalp and counteracts itching and gives nice volume and shine to the hair.
  • Make your own hair mask! Mix Honey Mask with a few drops of argan oil in your hand and apply as a mask where your hair needs extra moisture and nourishment! Let it sit in the hair for about 5 minutes and then rinse off This counteracts dry and damaged hair and during the fall and winter when our hair tends to get a little drier and more brittle.

    Massage the scalp as it provides a pleasant relaxation while it is a good way to stimulate growth. The massage stimulates the blood circulation which starts the hair growth in the hair follicles!

    Hope you liked our Pogeun self care tips and have a cozy November!

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