Arbutin - An antioxidant hero

Arbutin is an ingredient that occurs in many different skin care products. The ingredient is often found in skin care products that work against pigmentation and uneven skin tone but is not always as well known as vitamin C.

Arbutin is a botanical substance found in plant species. Arbutin's main origin is from the bearberry shrub, which is a genus of heather plants. The ingredient is also found in other plant species such as cranberries, blueberries, pears and wheat.

The skin is one of our largest organs by surface area and consists of several layers and millions of cells that are actively working every second.

When arbutin is broken down in the body, it is then converted into glucose and hydrokinin. Hydroquinone is a synthetic substance that has been used worldwide for years to treat various hyperpigmentation conditions and the ingredient has years of research behind it.

Hydroquinone is a powerful ingredient as it has a higher potency than arbutin. This therefore often entails a higher risk of irritation and it is therefore often prescription-only and not found in our regular skin care products.

Arbutin is a mild but effective ingredient that is more gentle on the skin, as the hydroquinone is released slowly from the arbutin and does not carry the same risk of irritation. The ingredient inhibits the enzymes of the pigment-stimulating cells and helps to slow down the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase.

Tyrosynase is an enzyme that plays an important role in the skin's melanin production. The enzyme participates in the process that forms the melanin when our skin is exposed and stimulated by UV light. By inhibiting the enzymes of the pigment-stimulating cells, the ingredient can thus help to prevent the formation of melanin and thus reduce and prevent pigmentation.

What are the effects of arbutin on the skin?

The ingredient comes in two different forms: alpha arbutin and beta arbutin.

Through many years of studies and research, alpha arbutin has a higher stability and is therefore considered more effective than the other beta form. Alpha arbutin is a synthetic form of arbutin, while beta arbutin is a plant-based form.

Both forms of arbutin actively work to slow down melanin production, but studies have shown that the alpha arbutin is more powerful and is estimated to be more than 10 times stronger than beta arbutin.

Alpha arbutin is water-soluble and one of the more natural, more powerful ingredients that has demonstrated good efficacy in skincare through its pigment-inhibiting properties.

The ingredient protects the skin against free radicals, it works smoothing and also has a good effect on post-inflammatory acne scars.

Arbutin is often found together with other ingredients in products that work against uneven skin tone. A common combination is together with vitamin C (ascorbic acid) as these work well in symbiosis and are suitable if you want to work actively against pigment changes. For example, if you are sensitive to vitamin C, arbutin can be another option to look for in your products.

A product that contains both arbutin and vitamin C is Radiance Boosting C-Capsule fits well if you want to work against any pigmentation and uneven skin tone, it also works brightening and moisturizing.

Pear Soothing pad is a product that also contains arbutin. The pad contains, among other things, luteolin which has an immediate cooling and soothing effect on troubled and irritated skin.

That was some brief information about the ingredient arbutin.

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