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Finally we can launch and offer you a subscription with us.

Choose yourself if you want 6, 8 or 10 new sheet masks every month. The masks are sent in our specially designed pink GLOWiD box and are delivered directly to your mailbox.

For those of you who continuously want and use sheet masks regularly, we now make it easy by offering a subscription to just sheet masks.

Sheet masks is a Korean innovation that has taken the world by storm. These disposable masks consist of thin cotton masks soaked with active ingredients. All have different orientations, some provide moisture, others counteract wrinkles while some even out skin tone. Use once a week or every day, as needed! It should not be rinsed off but pulled off after about 10 minutes and thrown away. Super simple and easy to use, for example, when watching a movie or reading a book.

Every month we at GLOWiD choose which sheet masks are sent, but all our masks are suitable for all skin types so you can feel confident that you will get a wonderful, varied selection of different sheet masks every time your box arrives.

You can of course choose to unsubscribe at any time - contact us for information and we will help you further!

Sheet mask you apply after cleaning and toner. Take the mask out of the package and place it evenly over the face. Leave on for 10-20 minutes (See the stated time on the respective packaging) Remove the mask and gently pat the remaining essence before continuing with the next step.

Glow-Tip! Store your sheet mask in the refrigerator for a while before applying for extra cooling effect. Remaining essence can also be advantageously applied to other parts of the body such as neck, décolleté or arms.

See ingredient list for each specific product on the product page.

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