Why Korean skin care?

After spending a few years in Seoul, (Korea), I have tested and compared many different types of Korean skin care products. I therefore agree with industry insiders that Korean skin care products are the best and most innovative in the world. Marie Claire recently wrote that Korea is the new skincare superpower and that they are 12 years ahead in skincare innovation compared to the rest of the world. After living a few years in Korea, I have had the opportunity to try all these amazing Korean skin care products and fell in love with both the quality and the prices. So why are they so good? Because Koreans are the most demanding and discerning beauty consumers in the world, which is also the reason why they are so famous for their youthful and beautiful skin. This combined with their great appetite for trying new and innovative products makes the Korean beauty industry extremely competitive, with thousands of brands competing for market share. That is why they have the opportunity to spend a lot of money on research and development, which keeps companies on their toes and makes them strive for new and better innovations.

Korean beauty brands are known for using natural ingredients such as honey, rice water, licorice root, charcoal and brown algae. This together with new technology gives fantastic products that are at the same time very kind to the skin.

Examples of skin care innovations from Korea are: bb-cream, cc-cream, sheetmasks (face mask), face and eye masks, essences, ampoules, skin tightening serums, etc. The rest of the world is following suit but with slightly lower quality and higher prices.

This is the reason why I decided to bring these fantastic products to the Nordics, so that everyone can benefit from quality, mild products at a good price and get the famous smooth, radiant skin that I saw everywhere in Korea.

I look forward to sharing my experiences of Korean beauty and making this mysterious world easily accessible to Swedish women as well.

I will therefore select only the best and most innovative Korean products available on the market, tell you about the latest skin care trends and also write about the well-known Korean skin care steps for different skin types.

Stay tuned !!

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