Multi tasking with multi masking = combine hydrogel masks and sheet masks

The range of face masks no longer consists only of clay masks or cream-based mask. With Korean skin care, we became aware of sheet masks, a disposable mask with the purpose of providing quick hydration and often has an additional focus, for example to have a smoothing or soothing effect.

From the wonderful world of K-beauty we find more types of masks that should work on specific areas and take care of them in the best way to provide hydration, treat fine lines and give glow! All of these are also excellent to keep in the fridge to get that instant cooling experience that you may need on irritated skin or skin that has become hot in the sun.

Now, let's dive deep into eye masks, some moisturizing sheet masks and the latest addition – a neck mask! Become a multi masker and use them simultaneously for maximum effect and enjoy hydrated skin more resistant to fine lines and moisture loss! You apply the eye mask and neck mask first and leave it on for 20-30 minutes. On top of them, choose a sheet mask based on your skin's needs and wear it for 10-20 minutes.

Dr. Ceuracle Hyal Reyouth Hydrogel Neck Mask

An exciting new item in our range is this hydrogel mask for the neck! Hydrogel is a water-based formula that is pressed and shaped into masks, and provides good hydration and at the same time has a cooling and decongestant effect.

This neck mask is enriched with 10 hyaluronic acids to give this often forgotten area a little extra care. If you often sit bent over in front of a screen, the neck is exposed to stress that can lead to fine lines, and then a neck mask is a way to counteract this.

The same applies if, with age, you have started to experience that the skin on the neck has started to become a little looser and has lost its elasticity, then it is excellent to use collagen-stimulating hyaluronic acids in the area, because it is precisely the lack of newly produced collagen that causes the skin to look aged.

Use it on cleansed skin that you have advantageously prepared with toner so that the skin can better utilize the properties of the mask. Leave it on for 30 minutes before removing it and gently pat the remaining essence into the skin before continuing with your routine!

Dr. Ceuracle Hyal Reyouth Hydrogel Eye Mask

From the same s as the neck mask, we find these hydrogel masks for the sensitive eye area - eye masks or eye patches. They are puffy eyes' best friend!

With six different hyaluronic acids, they provide long-lasting hydration that counteracts fine lines in the long run. The fact that they also contain vitamin B5 and frocutan which have moisture-binding properties means that the moisture in the skin is retained, while vitamin B5 also has a firming effect that gives that little extra lift!

The jar they come in is also generously filled with essence, which means they never feel dry. You can gently massage it around the eyes after using the eye masks for 20-30 minutes, before moving on to the eye cream.

Sheet masks

Continue on the moisturizing track and choose a sheet mask with this particular focus. It's great all year round: during the winter when the skin becomes much drier, but also during the summer for skin that has been exposed to the sun and where you want to extend the life of the burn.

In GLOWiD's own sheet mask Aqua & Glow, we have met the skin's need for nutrition and hydration in combination. With ingredients such as pumpkin extract and ginseng, the skin becomes plump and firmer, while ceramides and panthenol provide that moisture-boosting effect that both provides moisture and binds it so that it does not evaporate from the skin.

From Make p:rem we have Comfort Me Barrier Hole Maska lighter form of sheet mask for hydration through vitamin B5 and wheat extract. It has moisture-binding properties that leave the skin soft and soothed. You can apply the generous amount of essence in the package to other parts of the body that feel a little extra dry.

Liven up tired and dull skin with Dr. Ceuracles Hyal Reyouth Lifting Mask which, as the name suggests, has a firming effect thanks to the fact that it contains adenosine. Dry and sensitive skin in great need of moisture will like this sheet mask, which both feels light without being too sticky. The high content of hyaluronic acid makes the skin hydrated and plump.

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