Beauty sleep in a jar with Make p:rem Radiance Peeling Sleeping Pack

We can finally announce that the Radiance Peeling Sleeping Pack from Make p:rem is back! The bestseller and favorite has had a little makeover but is now finally with us again just in time for winter.

Are you curious why this product is so popular and what makes many people wake up with what can be compared to baby skin? Let's talk about it!

A combination of mild peeling and deep hydration

As the name suggests it is a night mask, but can also function as a moisturizer in a thinner layer. Its gel formula is cooling and glides easily over the face as the last step in the evening routine.

An effect many people experience with this is that the skin feels smooth in both tone and texture, which is due to the fact that it contains the mild acid PHA. It has larger molecules than for example AHA and BHA, which means that it works more superficially and is therefore a very mild type of acid, but which still removes dead skin cells and increases cell renewal - and gives a lot of glow!

In addition, the product is packed with softening and moisturizing ingredients. Ceramides strengthen the barrier and provide long-lasting hydration, hyaluronic acids both bind and provide moisture and together these provide plump and supple skin.

Not only that – a range of ingredients make this miracle product also appear soothing; among other things, fermented radish root, turmeric and plant extracts soothe irritated skin and antioxidants provide protection.

In other words, this product contains a combination of ingredients that provide direct and effective results, don't be surprised if you wake up the morning after use with skin that has had a proper beauty sleep!

What is new with the product?

What differentiates it from before is that the lily-of-the-valley-scented substance Lilial has been removed, an ingredient that in some cases can cause a contact allergy, given that the EU has tightened its regulatory framework for perfumed additives in cosmetics and skin care. For us consumers, it's a good thing, as we can feel safe that the EU regularly controls substances that can cause reactions! You who are familiar with Radiance Peeling Sleeping Pack from before will not notice any difference in texture or results.

If you already have products containing Lilial at home, you do not need to worry about continuing to use them unless you have had an allergic reaction. Even the most resistant skin can sometimes react to substances in skin care, because skin care always consists of a combination of different substances to which different skin types react differently.

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