My 4 favorites from Dr. Ceuracle

Dr. Ceuracle is a brand I really love and the absolute first Korean brand I tested when I lived in Korea. Since then, the love for this brand has only grown and continues to do so! Here are tips on my 4 favorites and how to use them for maximum effect😊

1. Royal Vita Propolis Ampoule. This is a real glow game changer that includes one of my favorite ingredients, propolis. It is the first Korean product I tested when I lived in Korea and it was the one that piqued my interest in Korean skin care and made me continue to explore it. It is still at the top among my absolute favorites and is always there when I want to get a little extra glow, get a glowy make-up or just add a little natural highlight effect after the make-up!

This is how I use it for maximum luster effect:

- As a serum (right now I use this after my vitamin c serum to antioxidant and glow boost the skin)
- If I have a little ice cream (especially in the morning), I can instead mix in a few drops in my moisturizer (it boosts the cream and also gives a good luster base before bb-cream or foundation). In general, ampoules are highly concentrated and often have a lot of moisturizing properties, so it can be good to mix in a few drops in their daily moisturizer to boost it a little extra.
- I can also sometimes mix it on the back of my hand with my bb-cream. This is a common trick among Korean make-up artists just to get that naturally moisturized skin with luster ("gwang" in Korean). It is also a good way to make sure that your foundation and skin do not become dry or crackle during the day. To get a little extra luster in places that are nice to "highlight", you can dab a little ampoule on the upper top of the cheeks and under the eyebrows with the fingertips. It gives a more natural glow than what a highlighter does!
- Finish the make-up by pressing in the ampoule for a super bright effect. Another Korean make-up secret is to warm up an ampoule or serum between the hands by dripping about 2 drops in the palm of the hand, pulling the hands quickly against each other and gently pressing the ampoule into the skin after makeup to give a naturally healthy glow. Because ampoules are so light in consistency, they work at least as well to get a natural "gwang" glow after your make-up.

  1. Royal Vita Propolis Cream. This cream is developed to fit together with dr ceruacle royal white propolis ampoule and these two are excellent to use together for a nice luster base. Take a small click of the cream and place on the back of the hand, drip in 2 drops of white propolis ampoule, mix with your finger and then massage into the entire face. Perfect glow base to put your make-up on. Works both as a day - and night cream!



  1. Jeju Matcha Clay Pack is a clay mask that is filled with matcha (from the island of Jeju) and which is stuffed with antioxidants! Amino acids, betaine and kaolin clay clean and tighten pores. I usually use this at least one evening a week after cleaning (tip is to wear it in the bath for 5-10 minutes). It really feels like the skin becomes super clean and smooth!
  2. Another favorite is Tea Tree Purifine 30 Cleansing Foam which is a foam cleanser that cleans incredibly well but at the same time extremely mild. Perfect for a proper cleansing that leaves the skin soft and smooth and not the least bit dry or tight. Suitable for all skin types but especially for a skin that is easy to get blemishes and pores. It is formulated with 30% Tea Tree extract which dissolves blemishes and baobab extract which moisturizes and provides a pH-balanced deep cleansing.

Hope you got lots of inspiration to try using your skin care in new ways! :)



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