Happy New Year! Winners 2019 and trends for 2020

I wish you all a really happy new year with a small summary of 2019 and trend research for 2020!

What an exciting year it has been! So much fun has happened to us at GLOWiD. Imagine that I started GLOWiD 2017 during my maternity leave, built the website while my little son was asleep and had stock in my walk in closet! :) Over and over again, the company grew and this summer we had grown so much that we could start hiring and we grew out of our little room

2 months ago we moved into our first really own office with our own warehouse and larger area. We are still getting order in the chaos with furniture and shelves but in my eyes it is absolutely PERFECT already :)! Because I am so incredibly proud of the journey from my walk-in closet (no matter how cozy it was), to my own office with wonderful employees to share the days with and my own warehouse and packing where we will be able to invite to events and have a own small showroom !!! :)

In addition to the move to my own office, my favorite events in 2019 are all the wonderful news we have received and here my favorite list among the news is prioritized at the top and bottom :)

Winner in 2019! By wishtrend polyphenol in propolis 15% ampoule (absolute favorite that I use morning and evening). It is formulated to both fight and prevent acne and blemishes by moisturizing and balancing the oil level in the skin and protects the skin from external oxidative damage such as exhaust fumes, sun and other things in our environment that attack the skin daily and accelerate skin aging if we do not protect against the. Perfect to use in combination with a vitamin c serum for an extra luster and antioxidant boost! I use it after klairs freshly juiced drops (in summer) or by wishtrend 21.5 advanced serum (in winter)

Reduces redness and inflammation


Reduces pigmentation for a smoother skin tone

Klairs fundamental watery oil drop

Contains sweets such as camellia sinensis (Green Tea), ceramides, peptides and various types of fermented ingredients. In other words, it is packed with antioxidants that provide luster, protection, nourishment and work anti-aging. I use this both morning and evening as a serum (after tones and essence and vitamin c serum and before moisturizer)

3. Make prem idebenone ampoule.

What is idebenone then? - Idebenone is an incredibly powerful antioxidant (4 times as much as vitamin C and 10 times as much on Coenzyme Q) that does so many wonderful things with the skin!

- Gives lust

- Increases elasticity

- Reduces fine lines

- Moisturizes

- protects against free radicals (such as exhaust fumes in the air, sun, smoke).

- Make the product yellow (contains no dyes

If you want to work with the skin's elasticity, moisturize and at the same time protect it against free radicals (cell damage) that are everywhere around us, this is a perfect product! Also suitable for sensitive skin types.

Dr ceuracle VC mellight kit

This kit contains 4 vitamin C ampoules and an associated Ion jector (technology from salon to home use). I have run it as a 4-week treatment 2 times during the autumn to really boost luster and elasticity and also work extra hard to get rid of my pigment spots and old scars from acne (the kit not only works to remove stains but also prevents new ones). If you have a bit of dull and dull winter skin, try this!

The kit contains 4 ampoules that have a vitamin c powder in the cap. When you squeeze it out, the ampoule lasts for 1 week, so this is a 4-week cure, you could say (store in the fridge for best durability). Massage in and pull the Ion Jectorn over the skin from the inside out.

The main ingredients in these delicacies are:

Pure C vitamin powder and idebenone and instead of water they contain vitamin tree extract which gives super much nourishment to the skin and more effective hydration than water provides. These work together to even out the skin tone, give radiance, increase elasticity and reduce fine lines.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that protects the skin against free radicals and consists of three amino acids (cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine). They are found naturally in the skin, but over the years it decreases naturally, which causes the skin to age. They also have an illuminating effect which helps to reduce pigmentation / brown spots.

Tranexamic Acid is a synthetic amino acid, also known to lighten and even out skin tone, superb against melasma / pigmentation / dark spots and scars!

So what does the Ion Jectorn that comes with the kit do?

This acts as an injection through the skin without needles. Yes indeed! With the Ion jector, you help the ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin so you get an optimal effect. It is called iontophoresis technique and has long been used in clinics for an anti-aging effect and dr ceuracle has thus developed it in a mini format so that you can use it at home whenever you want and at a lower price than at the salon. The method was invented by two French plastic surgeons who wanted to get products deeper into the skin without having to use needles and inject preparations. With the iontophoresis technique shelter With the help of a weak current, they were thrown down the ingredients deeper into the skin and thus get a better effect of the skin care. It is thus a very old and proven technology that has been in hospitals and salons for a long time that you can now use at home.

Trends 2020

Innovative sheetmasks for everyday use. We will see several new and innovative masks and sheet masks that will be an even bigger part of the daily routine. Examples can be easier and faster alternatives to use in the morning or in the middle of the day to quickly refresh the skin.
Food and lifestyle in skin care. The trend of using healthy foods / ingredients even in skin care continues. We have seen ingredients such as match, mushrooms and all kinds of fruits and vegetables but also lifestyle that is reflected in skin care. For example, if you eat vegan-friendly, it is common for more and more people to seek vegan-friendly skin care. This is being picked up by more and more brands.
Skin care clinic technology for home use such as ion jector (iontophoresis) for home use. The trend continues to be able to buy home aids and technology that enhance skin care and can be used at home. You will of course see more of this trend with us! :)
Ancient Asian traditions reach the Western world. Ancient Asian skin care traditions such as Gua Cha stones (use this a few nights a week), jade rollers (I use this over my sheetmask) are emerging in the western world and are used to optimize skin care.
Anti pollution - We have (neither we want nor not) pollutants in the air around us (free radicals) and it is therefore important to protect the skin against them and put a barrier to protect the skin and thereby reduce the risk of skin damage (cell damage) and age prematurely. Examples of such products are cica regen antidust sungel and vitamin c serum such as Klairs freshly juiced vitamin drops for antioxidant effect.
Self-care from the inside out. Health and beauty go more and more hand in hand. Just like the trend to drink and eat food and drink free of harmful substances, you also want a "clean" skin care products without unnecessary additives in the mist you spray over your face. The trend with "clean" products thus continues.

With those words, I want to wish you all a really Happy New Year with lots of exciting new skin care :)


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