Important Do's & Dont's for the autumn skincare routine!

Autumn is finally here and we are preparing for a colder climate, but all the more cozy home evenings filled with self-care! Because autumn is a drier and colder season with a stressful climate for our skin, it can be a good idea to review the skin care routine. This is so that the skin feels good and does not dry out or get out of balance. So therefore we thought that it was now appropriate with a Do & Dont's for an optimal and balanced autumn skin!

Most of the products we recommend here in the post are also discounted by 20% throughout October! So take the opportunity to fill the bathroom cabinet with delicious and moisturizing ingredients!

Do’s for Autumn Skin!

  1. Choose milder, softer and milkier textures!

You may have heard of milky skin before? This is a k-beauty term that refers to a moisturized, soft, balanced and bouncy skin. This is a trend we love for the fall! To get milky skin, it is important to use very mild and moisturizing products with typically Asian ingredients that do not irritate the skin and can be applied in several layers!

The first and most important step for milky skin is moisturizing! Tip is to start moisturizing already as soon as you get out of the shower. Apply a moisturizing toner / essence when the skin is still wet and pat (preferably in several layers) and then continue with your routine. The skin absorbs the products better when it is moist. For example, the mild and moisturizing Safe Me Toner Essence from Make Prem and the multifunctional All in One Essence from Hyggee are two awesome products that fit well as the first step in their routine during the autumn!

Mildly exfoliating away dead skin cells that can otherwise cause the skin to flake off is the key to a smooth and moisturized skin! A mild mask like Ganghwa Rice Granule Pack from Dr. Ceuracle, which both moisturizes, evens out and exfoliates with a wonderfully milky texture, then fits very well! The mask consists of 30% rice extract which has a smoothing effect! It also contains Ceramides that strengthen the skin's moisture barrier and lock in moisture! It can also be used on dry and crispy lips or on the hands before applying lip balm or hand cream!

2. Choose a more moisturizing cream or replace the moisturizer with a night mask!

      When the temperature drops during the autumn, the skin often becomes drier and tends to need moisture in slightly richer textures to stay in balance! If the face feels tight after a face wash or shower, it is a sign that the skin needs a more moisturizing products to regain its moisture balance and elasticity. Extra dry and sensitive skin needs a cream or maybe even a night mask that is specially designed to protect and care for the skin. This is especially true during periods when the skin is exposed to additional stresses such as weather and temperature changes.

      Cica Regen 70 Cream from Dr. Ceuarcle is a cream that forms a strong moisture barrier that protects the skin from harmful factors, it is well suited if you have a skin that likes hydration with slightly thinner textures. In addition, it consists of 70% soothing Centella Asiatica extract that helps your skin in balance. If you instead prefer to add a richer cream in your autumn and winter routine, Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream from COSRX is wonderful and melts on the skin as a protective layer for the barrier with 3 different types of Ceramides.

      Another tip is to replace the cream with a moisturizing mask! Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask from Klairs is a moisturizing, emollient and smoothing mask that also gives a lot of radiance. It is excellent to use both during the day during make-up and in the evening routine.

      Do not forget that dry autumn and winter hands also need extra hydration. Multi Cream from CLE is a multifunctional cream that is great to always have in the bag as it also works great as a hand cream!

      3. Use sheetmasks to further boost the hydration!

      Using gentle sheet masks with soft materials that moisturize the skin is a perfect start or end to the day during the fall and winter due to the soothing and moisturizing properties of the essence. They give immediate hydration and a glowy look and are, for example, perfect to use before applying a slightly firmer make-up!

      Our own sheet mask Aqua & Glow Sheet Mask is like a glass of water for the skin and is developed to moisturize the skin and give a soft, comfortable feeling with natural glow from the inside.

      4. Eye creams are your best friend!

      You can quite clearly see that the skin around the eyes is thinner than in the rest of the face and therefore most easily shows signs of fine lines and dark circles. During colder seasons, many people find that these problems become more prominent. So it is important to have a moisturizing eye cream that protects the sensitive area and keeps the skin fresh! Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter from Klairs is a slightly thicker eye cream that protects the thin skin around the eyes and fits well now that the temperature is starting to drop!

      5. Lose regularly during the day!

      When the skin's exposed to colder and drier weather, your skin becomes more fragile. So we recommend that you have a mist on your desk to replenish moisture even during the day and get a real moisturized skin! In addition, the skin can lose its natural moisture balance when we switch between heated indoor environments and colder outdoor environments, so the hydration is a must in these times if we want to keep the skin in balance! One of our big favorites All In One Mist from Hyggee moisturizes properly and is a savior in times of need when you need to replenish moisture during the day!

      Another mist tip is to (just as we previously recommend with the toner) spray yourself with a moisturizing mist immediately after you come out of the shower so the skin absorbs all the moisture and you avoid that stuttering and crackling feeling that you often experience after a hot shower!

      Then we move on to some important Dont’s for Autumn Skin!

      1. Too strong cleanings!

      Too much cleaning during the winter is a big no no. If you use too much cleansing for your skin, you risk that the skin's natural oils disappear more than necessary for you to be clean. In order not to dry out, we therefore recommend using milder cleansing products that do not dry out and upset the moisture balance in the skin. Safe Me Moisture Cleansing Foam from Make P: rem is super quick and gentle cleaning that balances the pH balance and is perfect as a cleaning when the climate is a little harsher!

      2. Overexfoliate!

      Many of us love to exfoliate after the summer to eliminate dead skin cells and get more glow. But exfoliating too often can cause irritation to the skin as it removes skin that would not really be exfoliated away. This can instead result in you weakening the skin barrier which can lead to eczema, redness, dryness and irritation!

      So when the skin is dry, preferably exfoliate only 1 or 2 times a week while you apply lots of hydration to the skin after or before the exfoliation! Then feel free to use a mild exfoliation such as Ganghwa Rice Granule Pack from Dr. Ceuracle!

      3. Skip the sunscreen!

      During the summer, sun protection is a matter of course. But when the clouds take over and the weather gets colder, it's easy to forget the SPF. But as we have previously nagged about, sun protection is always relevant and an important part of daily skin care, regardless of weather and season. Applying sunscreen every day of the year helps protect your face from harmful UVA and UVB rays, as well as signs of premature aging. A product that contains spf 50 and that feels light, moisturizes and works well under makeup is Cica Regen Vegan Sun Gel from Dr. Ceuracle!

      4. Panic if the skin gets out of balance during the weather change!

      When the weather climate changes, it is easy for the skin to get out of balance before it has time to get used to the new weather conditions. For some this can mean that you get a drier skin that flakes or for others that some new pimples pop out of nowhere! But here it is important to stay calm and not make too drastic changes that make the skin get even more out of balance. Continue to use soothing and moisturizing products and see skin care as a long-term investment for healthy skin, and the skin will be balanced again.

      5. Dry out the skin!

      Two dehydrated routines that you should avoid to keep your skin hydrated are:

      is to blow-dry your hair before you have applied your skin care, the warm air can dry out the skin completely if you have not added moisture to it before. So important to moisturize before exposing your skin to that kind of stress!
      to take too long hot baths and showers. How wonderful and relaxing is not a hot shower or a hot bath when it is really cold and rough outside? But a tip is not to do this too often as the intense heat can cause your skin to lose moisture and make it dry and irritated. So plan that lovely bath once a week instead of every day, and why not take the opportunity to apply a moisturizing sheet mask at the same time!

      Hugs from the GLOWiD Team!

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