COSRX in my skincare routine!

Hello to all you GLOWiD followers! So funny that you found it here for my blog post.

Today I thought I would write about which products I use from COSRX and how I have mixed them into my current routine together with our other brands.

Briefly about my skin:

My skin is usually a little sensitive and dry, but has never had problems with active ingredients as long as they are used sparingly. Right now I am in a period where I easily get a blemish sometimes (if you are like me, Polyphenol in Propolis 15% Ampoule from By Wishtrend is a must) and can also become very glossy / oily in the t-zone during the day, blame all on the weather and on non-existent sleep due to 5-month-old baby. But of course there are products in my routine that can help my complexion!

COSRX products:

Do we all have favorite products that we do not want to be without? Therefore, I am always a little worried when I try something new, because of course you do not want to get a worse result than with your loyal favorites. So, having said that, I was a little nervous when I would start testing COSRX, even though I had heard so much good about the brand of course.

However, my fears did not come true, because my first impression of the products was very positive. To begin with, I liked the packaging (yes that is important too), the textures and the contents. After a couple of days, I also started to see the results pretty instantly, and I liked what I saw! Below is my routine today where I have also written what I have currently exchanged for product in favor of having COSRX in my routine, maybe it will help you on the run to test something from COSRX as well?

My routine:

Step 1: Oil cleaning - Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil from Klairs

I will never want to be without this, and I guess you are familiar with it before? An oil cleanser with black beans that balances sebum production, which cleanses gently, moisturizes and protects. Since I started using this almost 2 years ago, I experience that my skin has become so much cleaner and less problems with blackheads.

Step 2: Water-based cleanser - Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser from Cosrx (formerly Tea Tree Purifine 30 Cleansing Foam from Dr. Ceuracle)

My previous favorite product has been Tea Tree 30 Cleansing Foam from Dr. Ceuracle but Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser from COSRX is at least as good! What I like about the COSRX cleaning compared to the cleaning from Dr. Ceuracle is partly vegan, then I experience it slightly milder than the Tea Tree cleanser, which suits my skin right now. I will probably use the Tea Tree cleaning more in the summer or when the weather gets warmer, when I sweat more during the day and feel that the pores become more clogged.

Step 3: Exfoliation - AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid from COSRX or One Step Original Clear Up Pad from COSRX (formerly Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water from By Wishtrend)

About every other night I use some type of exfoliation. In the past, it has almost always been Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water from By Wishtrend that I still like very much. But, I now have two new favorites! One is the AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid from COSRX. This contains partly AHA (which Mandelic Acid also does) which my skin likes, it increases cell renewal, gives a smoother and clearer skin tone and helps my skin absorb future products better. But, it also contains hyaluronic acid, which suits my dry skin extra well as it also has a moisturizing effect, me like!

I also alternate with One Step Original Clear Up Pad from COSRX, and here the BHA acid is the focus. BHA gently exfoliates dead skin cells and dissolves clogged pores. Also contains the super ingredient Salix Arba Barc Water which you can read more about here. Really like pre-soaked pads to begin with, is incredibly flexible! I also like that these feel mild but at the same time active, and absolutely think that I have seen a difference in my pores.

Step 4: Toner - Supple Preparation Facial Toner from Klairs

This is not only a favorite with me but with many of our customers, and it is easy to understand why. I have this in my routine regardless of morning or evening, winter or summer. This is always, always with! Gives so nice with moisture and is easy to adapt depending on the skin's day condition, then you just have to fold in more or fewer layers. If you have not tried this, you have to!

Step 5: Essence - Vegan Kombucha Tea Essence from Dr. Ceuracle

I'm pretty bad at using essence as I think it's an easy step to skip to shorten the routine, almost always goes directly on serum after my toner. But then my colleague Myra did not stop nagging about how good this was, and finally I gave it an honest try, and now I'm hooked too! First, the texture, but please how can something even be so wonderful? Like tea with milk that is mixed when you shake it, and so thin and fine and yes, it feels milky on the skin. This is a real moisture boost with vitamins B2, B6 and B12 and I think I experience deeper hydration, glow and a plump feeling when this is used.

Step 6: Eye Cream - Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel from Klairs

A wonderful and light eye cream with caffeine and red bean extract that, to say the least, refreshes, brightens and moisturizes. On a really tired morning, I run three layers of this all over my face, test and see the difference with my own eyes!

Step 7: Ampoule - Natural Repair Serum from HYGGEE

A fairly new serum from us that has a wonderful, almost dewy texture. The serum contains 66.7% extract from red ginseng which gives the effect of a firmer and healthier skin. I think this gives a lot of moisture, glow, and also helps against my blemishes.

Step 8: Day Cream or Night Mask - Comfort Ceramide Cream from COSRX and Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask from COSRX

In step no. 8, we find a shared place between Comfort Ceramide Cream from COSRX which I use as a day cream right now and Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask from COSRX which I use as a night mask!

If we start with Comfort Ceramide Cream which I absolutely love! I have previously been a diligent user of Safe Me Relief Barrier Cream from Make P: rem and I think this one from COSRX is a really good alternative to it. Would say that the texture is slightly lighter, fluffier almost as if it were whipped, but the result is just the way I want it. Soothing, deeply moisturizing and protective.

Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask I know that many people recommend using a thin layer of in the summer as a day cream, which I look forward to trying, but until then I run a really thick layer as a final step and let it sink in before I go and puts me down. This mask contains 87.26% propolis extract which is one of my absolute favorite ingredients! It seems very healing, moisturizing and gives life and luster to tired and dull skin, everything I want in the winter if you ask me!

It was all from me and about my routine right now! Hope you have opened your eyes to some new product and are tagged on testing!

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// Sofia

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