Box Full Of Seoul Winter

Last of the year Box Full Of Seoul is finally here! Fully loaded with some of our latest innovations, of course together with some given classics as well.

Box Full Of Seoul is a carefully selected limited edition box that is adapted according to the season and is composed by our skin therapists with products that are suitable for use together. The idea is to offer as varied a box as possible where you can test new products and classics that are adapted to the season. Box full of Seoul is always reduced by 30% so if you want to take the opportunity to save a few hundred dollars and at the same time be able to try something new, this concept is perfect for you!

You can find the box here.

Let's not waste any more time, let's get started and go through the products at once! The winter box covers both skin, hair and mind for the spa feeling!

First up is a new product, the wonderful Saturday Skin Yuzu Vitamin Bright Toner! This goodie reduces spots and gives a more even skin tone. How does it work? Well! It's an antioxidant-rich toner formulated with a combination of powerful smoothing ingredients like mulberry leaf, vitamin C and niacinamide! It works to revitalize skin and promote a more even skin tone by fighting dark spots and building a healthy skin structure.

For all snail essence fans out there, COSRX does not disappoint with this news.
Advanced Snail Radiance Dual Ess ence contains the famous snail essence but also enriched with a serum containing 5% niacinamide! This product is therefore more adapted to those who have acne-prone skin or uneven skin tone caused by acne or other forms of wounds that have left damage to the skin!

The sheet mask that won first place at our "Award Week" in October is included in the box. Dr. Ceuracle Propolis Anti-Oxidant Mask A sheet mask soaked in a generous amount of propolis serum that soothes, moisturizes and gives the skin the most incredible glow! Perfect for your Christmas or New Year makeup, or maybe the day after New Year for a nice pick-me-up! Suitable for all skin types.

Last but certainly not least is the night mask classic from Klairs - Freshly Juiced Vitamin Mask. This night mask is suitable for a surface dry, dry or combination skin type that is looking to wake up with that bouncy "shock shock" skin filled with radiance!

Apply a thicker layer as the last step in your evening routine or try this pre-makeup pro tip! Take a small amount of the mask and warm it up between your fingers to use it as a primer! The texture of the mask is a little "sticky" like a primer, which means that foundations, BB/CC creams and other makeup settle super nicely and adhere extra well.

Another addition to the hair category is hair oils!
La'dor Polish Oil in the scents White Yuija and Apricot are included in the box. Two fresh, clean and fruity scents that do not contain any silicones. Perfect when you want to add extra shine to a nice ponytail, low bun or why not to a nice beard?

They are enriched with high quality plant and seed oils that provide deep nourishment and shine.

You haven't missed that last fall we entered into a collaboration with the lash and brow pioneers Rapide Brow & Lash Bar? Together with them, we have developed a 20-minute K-beauty facial treatment! Here you can book Rapide X GLOWiD treatment which is available until December 31st, hurry up if you want to try it!

The fragrance oil can be found in Rapide's "fragrance ritual" recognized from their treatments, which with its naturally powerful combination of lavender, orange and peppermint essential oil helps to clear the mind and put daily stress aside. Helps relieve headaches, stress and tension.

Rapide Calming Scent Oil is included in the winter box. Please note that this is a pure essential oil product that is not meant to be rubbed all over the face/skin. It is intended to be used to scent your spa night, yoga session or give someone you love a nice experience with this product.

Roll some oil in your hands and take deep breaths of the scent in through the nose or press lightly on the temples or use as a natural perfume on pulsating points such as the wrists for example!

These were all 7 products in the last Box Full of Seoul of the year. The value of the entire box is 1624 SEK but with a 30% discount you get it for 1129 SEK!

Buy now!

We hope you will love this year's last Box Full Of Seoul, and do not forget that it is a perfect box to give away as a Christmas gift to the beauty fan in the family! We hope you all have a wonderful start to your December and that you take care of each other and yourself.

Hugs and Merry Christmas from Team GLOWiD! xtagstartz3

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