Ganghwa Rice Granule Pack & Jeju Matcha Clay Pack

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These two masks from Dr Ceuracle can be used together as they combine each other in a good way, especially if you feel that you have a combination skin with some oilier areas and some slightly drier areas. It is common to have it and that the skin is in need of different products and ingredients.

Ganghwa Rice Granule Pack is a moisturizing and exfoliating mask. The main ingredient is Rice Extract (30%) from the island of Ganghwa and helps the skin with high nutrition of Vitamins C, A, E and B. Also contains Ceramide which improves the condition of the skin by working against aging of the skin and that it gives an enlightening effect for a smoother skin tone.

Jeju Matcha Clay Pack is filled with matcha (from the island of Jeju) which is rich in antioxidants. The clay mask also contains amino acids, betaine and kaolin clay which help to reduce pores, keep the skin soft and smooth and clean and revive tired skin.

Apply Jeju Matcha Clay Pack in the t-zone to clean clogged pores and tighten the pores, apply Ganghwa Rice Granule Clay Pack in the rest of the face in the so-called u-zone for hydration and radiant effect.

Apply a layer of each mask on the face after cleanser. Let sit for 10 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. Redness may occur shortly after rinsing off, due to the tightening effect of Jeju Matcha Clay Packs, but it disappears quickly.

See ingredient list for each specific product on the product page.

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