Summerglow- glass skin kit!

Time for some summer glow-glass skin?

We have tested and developed a kit to get a nice summer glow and glass skin look! I have previously written about ice cream skin but want to bring it up again because it is extra nice with glow in the summer! A small summary of what glass skin is: It is one of the biggest trends in Korea and is about getting that smooth, glowing skin that is free from pores and pigmentation and with a healthy shine, as clear as a glass. So what to think about? One of the most important things is moisture, moisture and re-moisture.

Here I go through the kit step by step towards a summery, glowig glass skin look!

Step 1.

The double wash

Klairs black deep cleansing oil

The oil wash removes all oil-based dirt such as makeup and exhaust fumes and also washes away excess oil from the skin. At the same time, the oil pulls impurities out of the pores.

By wishtrend green tea and enzyme powder wash

It cleanses while exfoliating and reducing pores. If you are very sensitive, you can vary this with another water-based cleaning, but otherwise it is good to use this every day.

step 2

Moisturizing tones that contain solids with moisturizing hyaluronic acids (hyaluronic acid is a moisture-binding sugar molecule that is found naturally in the body and that binds moisture up to 1000 times its own weight). This can be applied in several layers if you want a more plump effect (wait about 2 minutes between each application).

Leegeehaam grow hyal B5 toner

Step 3

Ampoule that gives direct glow and anti-aging effect with 50% propolis and multivitamins

leegeehaam grow vita propolis ampoule

Step 4

Sheet mask that plumps and gives glow

Leegeehaam life vita propolis nutri mask

Step 5.

A moisturizer that gives direct glow and encapsulates nourishment and moisture in the skin, leegeehaam grow vita propolis ampoule

Step 6. Bb-cream with spf 40 that evens out and prevents sun damage from the sun. Klairs mochi bb-cushion

Extra! A tip is also to have a mist in your handbag to replenish moisture and balance the oil level in the skin during the day and get radiance. This can be sprayed over make-up at a distance of 20 cm, and it also cools nicely on hot summer days!

Hyggee all in one mist

Do not forget to reapply the sunscreen several times during the day to get the full effect and to be able to enjoy the sun and at the same time protect the skin against pigmentation and other signs of aging!

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